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Eliminate the voices or accompaniments of a song for free with this artificial intelligence

26 mayo, 2021

I remember that when I was little there was a music station at home that had a “karaoke” mode, equalizing the music in a way that diminished the sound of the voice to be able to sing over it. At the time, it already seemed magical to me, although the result was not too impressive.

Moises is a website that allows us to dissect songs for free, separating vocal parts and instruments with a couple of clicks. All you have to do is provide the audio file to him and let this tool do its magic.

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Delete or boost the parts you want from a song

When we open the web already we found a demo mode in which they show us what we can achieve. In the first track we will listen to the original song, followed by an audio clip in which the accompaniment has been removed and another in which the vocals have been removed.

To achieve this, Moises uses machine learning, with an algorithm that has been developed by Deezer Research. It really is a very complex process, since the songs are a mixture of different individual elements.

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“This has many potential applications: remixes, active listening, educational purposes or for transcription tasks.”

To use it we will need to create a free account, and once we have logged in we will simply have to press the button that says “Process your Music”. It will take us to a section where a button appears that allows us to upload audio files from our computer.

Window Y Moises Separate Audio Tracks Using State Of The Art Ai Algorithm Product Hunt

An interesting fact is that in this area Then a list of the songs that we have processed will appear, to listen to or download them again. When we have chosen the file we will have to select which parts we want to remove from the song.

Moses Ai

I have done some tests, with songs of different styles, and the truth is that the result is really impressive. For example, I have tried uploading a song by João Gilberto, and it is amazing to be able to hear his voice, with all the music practically muted.