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Elitetorrent launches a new domain in 2020 to continue bypassing the operators’ blockade

22 mayo, 2021

Elitetorrent is one of the P2P download websites that was blocked at the beginning of 2019 by Spanish operators following Precautionary measures of the Commercial Court number 9 of Barcelona, ​​together with Mejortorrent and Gnula. Since then, there are already several domain changes that Elitetorrent administrators have made to avoid blockages.

Only in 2020, We have seen how the web has gone from, to and later to The last change was to Now, as of July 17, 2020, the new domain of the web is at It is something that we can verify by entering the old addresses mentioned in our browser: they all redirect to “.se”.

Many fake Elitetorrent clones are found on Google

Clone Elitetorrent

Downloading a file of the clone of we see that the files are those of the real domain.

One of the problems Elitetorrent faces, in addition to the aforementioned blocking of the operators, is the proliferation of fake web clones that, in some cases, can offer us malicious files. In others, downloads will be offered (which may not be accurate), and will simply be websites full of advertising in order to monetize the clicks of people who fall for the deception.

The best websites to download torrents in Spanish in 2020

The funny thing is that, as happened a few months ago, doing a search for “elitetorrent” in Google, the first result it returns is one of those domains of a fake clone. If the fake address was before, now is the fake domain.

Elitetorrent’s real domain is ad-free, but its clones are

In fact, as we see in the image that heads this section, it is curious how in the files of this last website you can find the real name of the “official” website, “”. So we can see that what they are doing is using the downloads from the other website and publishing them without permission. In fact, it is elitetorrent itself that has a website to report clones, with instructions to report SPAM on Google.