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Essential programs and applications for working from home

26 mayo, 2021

Little by little the telecommuting a niche is being made in small, medium and, above all, large companies. Although the percentage of employed persons who work more than half the time at home is residual in countries like Spain. In fact, barely 4.3% of Spanish employees telework according to data from the last one, the Labor Force Survey of the National Institute of Statistics.

However, this work modality that entails benefits for both the employer and the worker begins to take hold in countries around the world as the coronavirus advances. Either as a simple precaution or because cases have been detected in the work centers.

Software for video conferencing, organization, communication, task management …

Be that as it may, and beyond the tools that a company provides and / or asks its employees to use during teleworking, to perform the functions of our workplace from home certain programs and applications are going to be fundamental for the majority. Software for different purposes such as video conferencing or teleconferencing, organization, communication or task management. All of them issues inherent to working from home.

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Communication, meetings and video calls


Communication is critical when working remotely. Maintaining contact with colleagues or management is basic and, depending on the needs of each company or worker, we can choose some tools or others.

The first option is WhatsApp. Why? Because although it is not designed for the workplace, it is probably too simple and in most cases it can involve mixing professional and personal life, It is an application that practically everyone uses, it does not require learning to use it, allows us to communicate in writing, audios, calls or video calls and, of course, allows us to send all kinds of files. In addition, it can be used from mobile devices, but also from a computer or the web.

WhatsApp is an option to take into account, if the communication needs are not too demanding, given the benefits derived from its wide popularity

Google Hangouts

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Slack, one of the most popular team messaging tools out there, is a powerful utility for maintaining communication. Allows the creation of both general chat rooms, in which the entire company would be, as well as smaller groups, which could be created for departments or areass. It is multiplatform, allows to exchange files and it is also possible to make videoconferences with it.

Another option is Google Hangouts, a tool that is also easily accessible for most, since we can access it from a browser and even through Gmail, it has applications that normally come pre-installed on Android phones and it is ideal for conversations both in writing and by video conference or group call.

Other business classics such as Skype, GoToMeeting, Jitsi, Zoom Meeting or Microsoft Teams.

Task management and organization

Microsoft To-Do

Yes OK the correct and orderly management of tasks and projects is essential Typically, when working conditions change significantly, such as going from working in an office to working from home, keeping track of them is even more crucial.

One of the most practical applications for this purpose is Microsoft To Do. A multiplatform application that allows us to carry detailed monitoring of all kinds of tasks being able to establish execution deadlines, reminders, additional notes, subtasks, attachments … In addition, this service that was born from Wunderlist, which will soon disappear, includes intelligent and personalized suggestions to always keep our duties up to date. And yes, it allows sharing and assigning tasks, perfect functions for collaborative work in companies.

The correct and orderly management of tasks and projects is essential


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Todoist is a classic of task management. It includes what is typical in this type of service, such as tasks, subtasks, real-time synchronization, applications for all types of devices or the possibility of working as a team. In addition, it allows us to keep a very interesting follow-up of the conclusion of our pending tasks if we use its version premium.

Google also has interesting solutions for the organization. Specifically, Google Tasks it completes this task. We can access this service from the corresponding mobile applications and also from the Gmail website; We will find its icon on the right, although if not, we will have to click on the arrow at the bottom right of the screen. Tasks allows us to create tasks, set terms and also create lists.

There are also other equally interesting alternatives such as, for example, Taskify, Todomete, TickTick, Trello or

Time control

Focus To-Do

Working from home changes the dynamics and, even out of curiosity or personal interest, it may be interesting for us to control our times. Either not to overdo it, well to not fall short or to maximize effort.

One of the most popular time keeping tools is Sesame, a utility more focused on what interests companies: that is, knowing how much time workers spend on the day, setting shifts, managing vacations, remote work … as well as allowing time control or, what is the same, signing. Now, above all, that it is mandatory.

RescueTime is a tool that helps to understand where our time is going to stop… for better or worse. The idea is that controlling what we do and how we do it allows us to optimize our energies and efforts by taking back control of our day to day. Something that can be very necessary while teleworking. The application is installed in our operating system, browser and mobile device and collects data from the applications and services that we use to diagnose our situation.

Controlling our work times can be very useful for both the company and ourselves

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Another cross-platform time keeping service is Focus To-Do. This interesting application Combine this with task management, killing two birds with one stone. It promises to help us carry out our tasks in an efficient way based on the famous Pomodoro technique, which establishes a certain execution time in which we must focus exclusively and concentrated on the resolution of a task.

We also find other services that can help us in the objective of time control such as Focus Keeper, Focus Booster, PomoDone or Fokasu.

Finally, we should not conclude this article without mentioning the set of applications that make up Mountain View cloud services.

With Google Drive as the axis, the applications that depend on it allow us to create documents, spreadsheets or presentations on our own or jointly, collaborating with other people. A great way to streamline our daily tasks that depend on rapport with other people.