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Even Microsoft doesn’t recommend Office 2019 (vs Office 365)

27 mayo, 2021

Office 365 has become one of the areas of income that more income (and benefits) reports to the new Microsoft of Satya Nadella and its philosophy “Cloud First”. The subscription service it already has 33.3 million usersAccording to the latest figures provided a few days ago by the company in its presentation of financial results, the division having grown 11% in revenue in the last quarter.

It is, therefore, a very sweet business for Microsoft, because far from the “old” licenses, which were paid only once and allowed for years to have the functions of a certain version of an application or applications and hopefully with some update, the era of new subscriptions generates recurring income from normally monthly. To users, as a “reward”, offers them more advantages, and that is what Microsoft is promoting, to the point of leaving the image of Office 2019 somewhat affected.

This is how Microsoft makes money: the challenge of making up for the mobile crash

Promotional videos showing how the future of Microsoft services is about subscriptions

In a new Office 365 ad campaign, Microsoft has released three promotional videos in which compare Office 365 features to Office 2019, launched in September 2018. Through the performance of twins, with “The twins challenge” exemplifies that both in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, many of the suite’s convenient new features only come to the Office 365 subscription service, and not its sister in license version, Office 2019.

In the case of the big three office applications, the conclusions that Microsoft wants us to draw are clear: Office 2019 is as capable as ever, but much less agile in modern workflows as in handwriting recognition to transform into text (in the case of PowerPoint), integration with LinkedIn (in the case of Word) or filling in the capitals of US states and populations (in Excel tables).

More advantages of Office 365 over Office 2019

office 365

Office Home and Student is priced at € 149 per year, and according to Microsoft details on its comparative website, it only includes the classic Office applications: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Also, these they do not have the news and exclusive features that Office 365 versions receive every month. Also, do not forget that with Office 365, Microsoft offers 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage (integrated with all services) per person, while with the license it does not even promote temporarily.

Microsoft maintains a somewhat strange bicephaly with Office that in the long run will probably unify

On the other hand, the license is for one computer only, while the subscription allows installation on multiple PCs or Macs, tablets and smartphones. Microsoft’s support is continuous with the subscription, while the license is only valid for 60 days. As for Skype calls, the license has 60 minutes per month per user.

Microsoft’s strategy with Office is somewhat strange. On the one hand, many users will celebrate the idea of ​​being able to have licenses for the moment, something that users of the Adobe design suite can no longer say, that they have to contract Adobe Creative Cloud yes or yes. But on the other, perhaps it would make sense that even if it was not updated later, at the time of launching the Office license, or during the period of validity, it did have the latest.