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Everything that Google knows about you can be consulted now in My activity

21 mayo, 2021

Do you want to know what Google knows about you? Of what you do on the internet? Well now you can know what information Google saves about you thanks to the new web portal My activity which you can access from

Everything you look for, visit, see or say through Google services will be saved in the different histories so that you can rediscover everything you saw and so that Google knows you better to become more intelligent and useful, showing you personalized recommendations.

Rediscover what you have searched for, what you have visited and what you have seen in Google services.

Check and manage your activity


Upon entering the new portal My activity We will see everything we have seen, such as the web pages we have visited, the YouTube videos we have viewed, the searches we have made, the applications we have used and much more. Everything we have done through a Google service is recorded in our Google account privately. Only we can consult this information.


Google finally gives us full control of our activity. Now we can remove our trace, deleting certain elements of our activity or deleting complete dates.


For each item in our history we can check the details to see on which date it was visited, from which application and devices, and from which location.

Search between your activity


My activity Google has a powerful search engine that allows us to filter by date, by topic and by product. The products that we can filter are:

  • Android
  • Advertisements
  • Help
  • Search
  • Image Search
  • Search for videos
  • Chrome
  • Maps Timeline
  • Developers
  • Finance
  • Goggles
  • Books
  • Maps
  • News
  • Now
  • Play
  • shopping
  • Trips
  • Voice and audio
  • Youtube

Thanks to your activity, your Google experience is faster, smarter and more useful.

Access more options


In the menus of My activity We will access the options to switch to the item view, delete activity by date, see the other Google activity or control your activity.

Delete by date, theme or product

With menu option Delete activity by we can eliminate elements by date or date range. If we use your search engine to display items by keyword or product, we can eliminate all those results by clicking on the search engine menu.


Other Google activity


On Other Google activity we will find the shortcuts to access our location history, to information from our devices, to the Google Play Sound Search history and remove the “I’m not interested in” information from YouTube to stop removing videos from our recommendations.

Control all your activity


On Activity control we can stop history google products so that there is no trace of our activity, although that will affect the operation of services such as Google Now, since it will stop knowing that we have visited or where we traveled to show us suggestions and useful information. We can stop the history of activity on the web and in applications, stop the history of locations, stop saving the information of the devices, stop saving the activity of voice and audio and deactivate the history of YouTube.


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