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everything that this alternative to Spotify offers you

25 mayo, 2021

Spotify recently announced that it would offer more features to users of the free version of Spotify, but it is by no means the only option at your disposal. Today we will talk to you in depth about one of them, the French Deezer.

There is life beyond Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music and company, and today we will see everything Deezer offers you. Is it better than Spotify? Do you have a good selection of music? What limitations does the free version have?

Free and paid version


Deezer has kind of copied Spotify’s homework in terms of its free and paid modalities, although it will be necessary to see if it is copied again after Spotify offers more to users who do not pay. In Spain, the PREMIUM + version costs 9.99 euros per month and the family plan costs 14.99 euros, six accounts. Exactly the same prices as Spotify.

The differences between the free and premium versions are also traced to those of Spotify. The free version It has ads, it does not let you download songs to listen to them offline, it has a lower sound quality and It limits a lot what you can listen to with your mobile.

Deezer on Android plays songs in random mode, so you don’t have much control over what you’re going to listen to apart from being able to choose a Mix or Flow (we’ll see what this is later). At least he’s kind enough to let you skip up to six songs per hour.

The ads are almost non-intrusive. Ads are almost worse than there will be ads.


As for the ads, the truth is that they are not as frequent as in Spotify, although this may depend from one area to another, where they have achieved more agreements. In my experience, more annoying than advertisements are advertisements that there will be advertisements, which are everywhere. Deezer is a bit aggressive when trying to become a paid user, with constant reminders.

The audio quality in the free version is 128 kbps, while in the paid version it goes up to 320 kbps. If you’ve been listening to low-quality MP3s all your life, you probably won’t notice much difference, although if you have a good ear you may be interested in the HiFi plan, which offers music lossless (you need a compatible device).

Song lyrics


Some songs are accompanied by an icon of a microphone, which symbolizes that the application has the lyrics of the song. The lyrics viewer is not the prettiest we’ve seen, but it is functional and saves you from having to go to another application or website for it.

Some lyrics they move as the song progresses, while others are static and you will have to scroll the text to be able to follow the thread. The lyrics come from LyricFind so almost all moderately popular songs are covered.

What song is that?


A recent addition to the app has been song identification technology. Here it receives the name of SongCatcher and its location is a bit hidden: it is found in the Search tab, from within the application. And no, there is no widget for this.

After testing it with a number of songs of different styles, I can conclude that the song identifier works reasonably well. As always, the clearer the sound source, the better and faster the identification.



Deezer seems very proud of his Flow, to such an extent that an exclusive tab has been dedicated to it within the app. But what exactly is this Deezer Flow? In Spotify terminology, they are the equivalent of Daily mix. If you have no idea what that is, they are playlists generated for you.

The more you use Deezer, the system gets a better idea of ​​what you like and what you don’t like, and a few playlists are generated that they mix a medley of old and new songs, grouped by some logic. For example, don’t expect to see AC-DC mixed with El Fary, but do expect a list of rockers and another of singer-songwriters.


Kayne Manolo Escobar yes. Kayne West no.

Talking about the catalog of a streaming service is always a rough terrain, since the artists that are basic for some people are totally expendable for others. On paper, Deezer boasts of having 53 million songs (In case you need a comparison, Spotify advertises that it has more than 35 million).

Numbers aren’t everything, and you may be missing some other artist such as Kayne West, while you can listen to the entire Manolo Escobar discography or the songs composed by Tchaikovsky. “More is better”, but I recommend that you check if your style of music is well represented on Deezer for yourself.

In short, a good alternative

In summary, it can be said that the Android version of Deezer is quite decent and fulfills the function of being offered as alternative to Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music and company. The price is the same, the quality is similar and the limitations of the free version, traced (for now).

The foot of the Deezer limping is precisely the application itself, which feels a little slow and not as fluid as for example Spotify. It is not a great bad, because at the moment of truth you probably don’t spend a lot of time playing on the interface but listening to music, but in the long run it could end up bothering you.

Deezer Music

Deezer MusicVaries by device.

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