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evolve Seadra into Kingdra and how to get the Dragon Scale pixiegames

1 julio, 2021

Gen 2 is finally here and with it not just new Pokémon, like Kingdra, but new elements like the Dragon scale, also.


That, in turn, means new methods of evolution: The Dragon Scale was used to evolve Kingdra in major Pokémon games by having him hold the item when swapped, a mechanic not in Pokémon Go as is. things.

So with that in mind How do you evolve Seadra in Kingdra?, and in the same way How do you get the dragon scale in Pokémon Go?.

The answers to everything can be found below, but while you’re here, it’s worth noting that there are several other special new evolution items that work exactly the same way: the Sinnoh Stone, the Metal Cloak for Steelix, and Scizor. , Pride Rock for Slowking and Politoed, the Sunstone for Bellossom and Sunflora, and the Up-Grade for Porygon2.

How to evolve Seadra to Kingdra in Pokémon Go

The evolution from Seadra to Kingra in the main Pokémon series involved a somewhat complicated process. Not only did you need to find yourself a Dragon Scale for evolution, you also needed a trading partner, because Seadra had to be traded while holding the item in order to evolve.

Now, in Pokémon Go, things are a little easier. You will still need a good portion of Candy to evolve into Seadra, but you don’t need the trading partner; you simply need to have a Dragon Scale in your hands and evolve your Seadra from the same game menu as you would with any other. Evolution based on sweets.

  • Evolution Cost from Seadra to Kingdra – 1 dragon scale and 100 Horsea candies.

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How to get the Dragon Scale in Pokémon Go

With the evolution method itself relatively simple, the only other question is where to find a Dragon Scale in Pokémon Go.

Well, like many other items, most of the time it depends on chance – dragon scales are found on Pokéstops, albeit with a different twist.

Fortunately, there is some strategy here after all! A special evolution item will appear on the seventh day of your PokéStop daily bonus streak. There’s no guarantee which evolution item you’ll get, but with only five in the game, at least hopefully you shouldn’t have to wait. also a long time to get all the items you need.

evolve Seadra into Kingdra and how to get the Dragon Scale pixiegames