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ExamTime, more than an online substitute for study cards and paper diagrams

27 mayo, 2021

If you have always been one of those who have resorted to advanced study tactics, such as the use of index cards, diagrams and other complementary materials to help when studying, “ExamTime”: http: // will seem to you a very interesting project. Its objective? Move these methods to a very easy to use online platform and that also allows sharing these resources with other users.

The portal allows you to create four kinds of materials: mental maps (with a very simple and complete editor), files (on the one hand the information appears and, on the other, the answer), tests (either multiple or simple answers) and notes (in which you can attach files or write them from scratch with the editor). All of them can be organized by subjects or by themes, depending on what we want, and can be shared by copying an insertable code. We leave you an example:

It is also possible to share resources with groups of users or through a single link, as long as they are public. If they are private, logically, they cannot be shared. However, one of its most interesting uses is perhaps the timeline, in which it is possible to define objectives (for example, study X subject) and plan how we are going to get them. Continuing with the example, we could distribute the study sessions by topic on the calendar.

If goods compatible for both students and teachersPerhaps it makes more sense that they are the first to use it the most since for teachers there are other more complete solutions when it comes to sharing information with their students (Moodle or similar). Undoubtedly a tool to take into account for those who are preparing their September exams or those who start, in a few weeks, the new course.

Link | “ExamTime”: http: // In Genbeta | “Five essential applications for going back to school”: https: //