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explore live radios from all over the world by rotating this cool virtual globe

27 mayo, 2021

Neither MP3s, nor downloads, nor streaming, nor podcasts have killed radio. While it no longer enjoys the popularity of several decades ago, radio is still alive and for some it is a source of information, entertainment and a place to discover new music.

The Internet makes it easier than ever for us to access the radio and find from the most popular stations in your country or city, to the most elaborate on another continent. In Radio Garden you can do just that: explore the world through its radio stations.


A radio garden based in Holland

Radio Garden is an interactive map. The web has thousands of radio stations from all over the world that you can access at any time using the globe to go to the world site whose radio you want to listen to.

Radio Garden Online Radios

You just have to move the map with the mouse pointer to change the radius automatically. Depending on your location on the planet you will see the nearby stations and the popular ones in that country. You can save favorites, and also do searches. You can also lock the station to explore the map without it changing automatically.

Hate, a nice radio player with thousands of stations for Windows, macOS and Linux

The site was created by a team of radio lovers living in Amsterdam. The project started in 2016, was launched in 2018 as apps for iOS and Android, and this year it was completely redesigned to focus on the mobile web experience.

Radio Garden uses various open source technologies to work. For example, for the globe they use CesiumJS, an open source JavaScript library for creating three-dimensional maps. And for the interface they use the popular React library.

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