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Facebook changed the email address displayed on our profiles; we explain how to fix it

23 mayo, 2021

We all know that Facebook launched a messaging system some time ago that sought to dominate them all, using personal messages, email, SMS and else. We also know that all Facebook users have an email address It is a fact that hardly anyone uses it. The point is that Facebook has automatically hidden all email addresses that are shown in our profile, leaving only the one that we never review.

What is striking about this matter is that this change has been made without warning anywhere. If what they were trying to do on Facebook is for people to use these email accounts more, I think they have achieved a very different effect: that many people lose messages by not checking the account that they activate without even wanting to.

FACEBOOK keeps a record of ALL WEBSITES you visit so you can DEACTIVATE IT

A somewhat creeping movement on the part of this social network that, luckily, has an easy fix. To modify the information that is shown in our profile we must go to our account information (we access our profile, click on “information” (the block that is under our profile photograph), we look for the block where we are asked to enter our mobile, emails and others, and click the “edit” button.

In this block we can enter the information that will be shown according to which groups of contacts. We will see that our previous email addresses, if we have them, they will all appear hidden (as is the case with the address @ in the upper screenshot), only the account @ appears in the biography. We simply click on each icon to mark, later, that those addresses are “shown in the biography”.

Via | Forbes