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Facebook changes the location of the “tap” button but still keeps it

24 mayo, 2021

One of the less popular features of Facebook, and surely not one of the most used, is to “give a touch” (poke). Something like a wake up call that users can perform even with those who have not been added as friends. Its importance and relevance has not been excessive and perhaps it is one of the reasons why Facebook has decided change button location correspondent.

Before much more accessible, the button “Give a touch” now a drop down along with other options like suggest friends or report / block a user. Perhaps here it makes more sense to locate it since there are several actions that we can carry out with the users with whom we interact.

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A small change that seems to be part of the deep remodeling that Facebook is carrying out (some very aimed at improving security and privacy), such as smart lists or subscriptions. And the ones that are yet to come with the imminent f8 developer conference.

Via | Cnet and All Facebook