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Facebook (finally) changes its “real name” policy

27 mayo, 2021

That our name is perhaps our greatest identity trait, constitutes evidence that few would dare to question; a denomination that not only says who we are, but is also found in all official documents. However, and although it would never occur to us to register with a fake one in a bureaucratic context, the same does not happen on the Internet, where some tools allow their users to register using pseudonyms or similar.

However, this was not the case with Facebook, which, precisely because of this issue and in recent months, has become the target of many criticisms. The latter was formulated in an open letter written by advocacy groups EFF, HRW, and ACLU, calling for a change in the highly controversial “real name” policy of the virtual community; a request that Zuckerberg has decided (finally) to listen to.

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Policy modification

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In this way, the technology giant has announced a modification in the way of verifying its customers, whom, until now, I demanded an authentic name from them. “When people endorse their opinions and actions with their real name and reputation, the community is more responsible,” they argued by way of justification.

Henceforth (as of December), however, the if you will use another system: it will allow interested parties provide additional context and explanation to help you understand the use of this alternate name. “This should make our operations team better understand the situation whereby the person involved cannot reveal his identity,” they say. That is, the alteration will focus on improving the blocking processes.

In addition and with the intention of avoiding harassment and censorship, Facebook will also ask those who report false profiles to explain why they are reporting on them, that is, what has led them to report this supposedly fraudulent use.

The reasons for the change

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After your decision and as we said, not a few problems hide. For example, on October 15, the Hamburg Data Protection Agency determined that these registration conditions entered into conflict with certain German laws.

That same month, likewise, the case of an Indian activist, Preetha, whose life had been in danger by closing and reopening her account with her real name, an identification that left her more vulnerable than ever.

“When people endorse their opinions and actions with their real name and reputation, the community is more responsible”

On the other hand, in september of last year, numerous drag queens They reported that their accounts had been deleted, the reason? Use a stage name instead of the one on your birth certificate. They even launched a petition through the popular

Apart from what has been said, we cannot help wondering why Facebook takes so much trouble – to “cheat” the protests. Although they assure that what it is about is to avoid false profiles (and all the dire consequences that their existence implies), the truth is that the inclusion of data lacking an authenticity, let’s say, governmental, it would diminish the value that the network has for advertisers, which would be limited in the information they receive from their users.

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