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Facebook Memelogy 2011, the most talked about of the year on the social network

26 mayo, 2021

Search engines have long been preparing an application or an infographic that summarizes the most searched, read and consulted every year. One way to measure the temperature of the network, see the topics of greatest interest and incidentally demonstrate that they act as a catalyst for information.

Over time, social networks have occupied an important place in the conversation that takes place on the network and has a lot to say about what topics matter to Internet users. For this reason, it is already the third Christmas that Facebook Memelogy is presented; that is, a report with the most commented on the largest social network of the world.

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If in 2009 they published it on their blog as a news without too much importance, now they have highlighted a section of their own Facebook page in said social. That’s where they have uploaded a an interactive infographic with the most linked and cited of the year, among other things.

In the top 10, surprises are absent: Steve Jobs, Amy Winehouse, Hurricane Irene, the British royal wedding or the death of Bin Laden are events big enough to fill those positions. But not only can we see the different topics, but we can also know the pages that have grown the most, the most successful songs and the same with movies, series or fictional characters. In short, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at the trends of the last 365 days.

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