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Facebook Messenger arrives globally as a desktop application to Windows and macOS with a great appeal: group video calls

27 mayo, 2021

Facebook has launched this Thursday a Messenger desktop application, your popular courier service, to Windows and macOS with great appeal considering the global situation: group chats and video calls.

Without specifically referring to the coronavirus disease pandemic, the company stresses that “now more than ever” We people use technology to keep in touch with the people we care about, “even when they are physically separated”, and have noticed it in their statistics.

Amid pandemic, Facebook globally launches Messenger desktop app with group video calls included

“During the past month, we saw an increase of more than 100% in the number of people using their desktop browser to make audio and video calls in Messenger, “they explain. A feature that now comes to Messenger applications for Windows and macOS released globally.

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Group video calls in a service with 2.5 billion users

Messenger Desktop Multitasking

Messenger desktop applications they are not exactly new. Yes it is the one of macOS, but not so much, the one of Windows that we can find in the Microsoft Store and whose launch took place in March 2014.

What is new is the global launch, the arrival of the Apple teams, the prominence that Facebook wants to give to the function of video calls and the trick they want to play before the confinement of half the world: that of its billions of users spread throughout the planet.

Facebook recalls that its 2.5 billion users are also Messenger users

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Because 2.5 billion active monthly users are not just anything. And all of them, without exception, are potential Messenger users even if they do not use the service. “You don’t need to know someone’s email or phone number since all your Facebook friends have Messenger”They recall from the company in a context in which the downloads of video calling applications has skyrocketed considerably.

And how do you use group video calls? In an extremely simple way. Just install the application from the Microsoft Store or the Mac App Store, start a chat with any friend, click on the camera icon in the upper right and a video call will begin with him. Next, to add new contacts, we will click on the corresponding icon located in the lower central part of the screen.

Messenger for desktop uses, among other technologies, Electron, which confirms its arrival on the desktop from the web, React Native and MSYS.