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Facebook now allows changing the URL of our profile

23 mayo, 2021

When Facebook announced almost a month ago that the previously unintelligible URLs of user profiles could be changed to more personalized and easy-to-remember addresses, many of us were concerned / disappointed to learn that these URLs could not be modified once we chose them.

On Facebook they reconsidered this and decided allow us to change the Url of our profile in case we are not satisfied with it. But as always there has to be a but, Facebook has imposed the limitation that we can only change our address once, giving us to understand that the function is designed for those cases in which, either by making us funny, or simply by not knowing that the username that we chose was for life, we have “screwed up” by choosing one Url one of those that we would not like our relatives to see.

FACEBOOK keeps a record of ALL WEBSITES you visit so you can DEACTIVATE IT

To change the Url From our profile we must go to Settings in the upper right corner, then to Account Settings. Once there, we click on the Change option below where it says “Username”. We will be warned that this is the only time we can change the username, but seeing how things have happened it is likely that on Facebook they will end up giving in, allowing us to change our Vanity URL several times.

Via | ReadWriteWeb