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Facebook returns to the load with its plan to offer free Internet with ‘Discover’, now compatible with any website

25 mayo, 2021

Facebook is trying again with a new project to provide free Internet access. This is how Facebook Discover was born, an application that inherits a lot from Free Basics but with a fundamental difference: works with all web pages and not with a select list.

Discover comes up with a way that people can maintain connectivity, limited, after running out of data. The project begins in Peru with the collaboration of several operators, although it will reach other countries such as Thailand, the Philippines and Iraq in the coming weeks.

Free internet, limited, for any website

Facebook Free Basics -formerly known as is a project surrounded by controversy. Launched in 2013, the lens was similar to that of the new Discover, although the difference is in the nuances. In Free Basics, free access applied to a closed list of web pages, which led to the service being banned in several countries such as India as it was incompatible with the principles of Net Neutrality.

Why doesn't anyone seem to want Facebook's free internet?

Discover is the same, but different. It works as an application and web page from which you can surf the net without using your rate data. To do this, Facebook has signed agreements with different operators interested in the project. In Peru, these are Bitel, Claro, Entel and Movistar.

To work, Discover uses a proxy server that will be in charge of adapting the resulting web page to reduce its size. Videos, audio and other heavy items are removed to reduce the size, with the possibility of dispensing with images or receiving additional compression.

Scheme Discover how it works

For the end user, Discover works as a kind of “emergency internet” for when you go offline. In supported regions and with supported carriers, the user receives a daily traffic amount to use (in the Peru test, it is 10 MB).

To start using Discover, you can from any web browser, by entering or by downloading its application from Google Play (only on supported operators). The application does not share data with Facebook and has its own privacy policy.

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