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Facebook says goodbye to its classic design in September

27 mayo, 2021

During last year’s F8, Facebook announced ‘FB5’, a groundbreaking new design for the Facebook web that he broke with the classic colors and dressed completely in white, conveying an attempt by the company to leave the above behind.

In February of this year it began to reach users, and in July we were finally able to test it. We liked it and found that, for the first time, Facebook was mobile first As for its main social network, it was the mobile that influenced the web, and not the other way around. Now, the company has announced that the old layout will be the default starting in September, and we will not be able to return to the previous one.

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At the moment, users who have the new Facebook design can go back to the old design, a possibility that we have seen on social networks on multiple occasions, on Facebook itself, Twitter or even on Tuenti. But the option to go to the old interface will be closed definitively in a few weeks, as the company reports through the web when wanting to go back:

“Starting in September, the classic Facebook experience will no longer be available. Before the new version of becomes the default experience, we would like to know how we can continue to improve.”


Facebook also asks if users who want to go back do so because they miss functions in the new interface, taking into account that something may be missing. Affirm that “Your comments will help us improve Facebook“In order for users to tell their problems. For now, Facebook has changed a lot in terms of interface, but not in terms of substance, although we are seeing the first steps of its service integration.