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Facebook wants to prevent you from uploading photos of yourself drunk

27 mayo, 2021

In a social network as overcrowded as Facebook, in which among your contacts you can have both family members and colleagues and bosses of your work, there are many types of embarrassing photos that you can upload unintentionally or without being aware of their repercussions, and that they will you regret for several months having done it.

Yann LeCun, supervisor of Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Research laboratory, is aware of this problem and wants to remedy it by creating a kind of virtual assistant to recognize when you’re trying to upload an embarrassing photo and I warned you about it with a message type “Are you sure you want your boss and your mother to see this?”.

To get a tool like this, Facebook will need to create a tool capable of recognizing the content of photos to such an extent that it can distinguish between our face when we are drunk and when we are sober. It would be a further step in deep learning technology with which the social network has already achieved powerful facial recognition capable of helping us correctly tag each of our friends in the photos we upload.

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Deep Learning is the future

In just one year, LeCun’s work with deep learning algorithms on Facebook has already achieved, apart from the aforementioned facial recognition, that the social network examines our behavior in order to offer us content of our interest in the news feed. In addition, in the coming months they hope to achieve a technology capable of analyze the text we are writing in our state to offer us to include related hashtags.

But this is only the beginning, because what this team aspires to achieve is an artificial intelligence capable of mediating our interactions, both with our friends and with the rest of Facebook content. In addition, they also want this AI to be able to offer us greater control over our online identity, even going so far as to notify us when a complete stranger publishes a photo of us without our consent.

But Facebook is not the only social network that uses deep learning. Google already uses it to refine its search engine, recognize voice commands on Android, and identify photos or suggest hashtags on Google+. Microsoft also uses this technology to translate Skype calls in real time, and many other companies such as Twitter or Yahoo are starting to work with it as well.

Via | Wired
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