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FasterChrome is an extension that preloads links in the background

26 mayo, 2021

Among the main criticisms of Google Chrome is not usually that it is a slow browser, but that it consumes many resources (even more than other equivalent Chromium-based browsers). However, it is also not usually praised for being fast, as Firefox or Safari often are. In any case, if you want to speed up browsing with the Mountain View browser (and those based on Chromium), FasterChrome may be what you are looking for.

It is a simple extension that it doesn’t do magic but it does make browsing faster with a very clever trick based on browsing habits that its developer (based on a previous idea) has observed in users. Generally, when we click on a link, we have previously had a short period of time with the cursor over it. What FasterChrome does is take advantage of that to start loading content in the background.

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FasterChrome loads every link you hover over 65 milliseconds in the background


Alexandre dieulot, the French developer behind FasterChrome, believes that if you hover your cursor over a link for more than 65 milliseconds (and up to 300), there is a good chance that you will click, because FasterChrome will start a preload of the URL it points to. In this way, when we finally click, the web will load somewhat faster than normal.

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Dieulot warns of that websites that lead to domains other than the one we are in at the moment of the click load faster than normal, but not so much that we realize. That is, it works better as long as we stay on the same website. In our experience, the speed is somewhat noticeable, but given that with a good connection the load of most pages is already good on the desktop (apart is how they have been getting fat), it does not give the impression of being before something miraculous.

FasterChrome is based on the library from the same developer, and can be implemented on any web page, even on smartphones. Both in it and in the extension, Links that lead to pages that have user data or that delete something will not preload.