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File Explorer search will improve with Windows Search

26 mayo, 2021

Although we are still waiting for the deployment of the next version of Windows 10, the May 2019 Update, Microsoft is already preparing what will be its second great successor next year, which is currently called Windows 10 20H1, a name that indicates that it will arrive in the first six months of 2020.

In that sense, users who belong to the fast ring of the Insider program can now enjoy build 18894, which includes improvements to Windows File Explorer. Specifically, the Explorer will add integration with Windows Search, which makes it possible that, in addition to performing searches among the files and folders indexed on the computer from the moment we execute them, now the system can also find the files that the user has hosted in OneDrive online.

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Small design and functionality changes to the File Explorer search

Windows 10 Search

The changes in search, which Microsoft will launch to a reduced number of users in order to test how the performance is, they will be perceptible from the moment you write what you are looking for, as a list of suggested files will be offered, including those from the cloud accounts.

You can click on them or open the file location with a right click. In addition, Microsoft mentions a small change in the search, by which as we click on the box of this or execute the shortcut CTRL + E, a list will automatically appear containing the terms from our recent search history.

Due to the latest changes it is introducing in Windows 10, Microsoft seems to be prioritizing that finding files is easier than ever

To this functional change is added a more aesthetic one, which, as seen in the screenshot that Microsoft has provided, supposes a wider search bar by default, which allows results to be viewed more broadly without having to enter advanced search. If you want to expand it in your current version of Windows 10, you can stretch the bar from the beginning of the bar by clicking with the mouse.

These search improvements join those already announced for the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, which allow to change the indexing status of the search in the system, which enables the user to index all their folders and disks (by default the system only searches documents, images, videos and desktop folders) so that your files appear among the results.