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Files is the Windows 10 Explorer we’ve been waiting for years, with modern design and tabbed browsing

23 mayo, 2021

Around mid-2019 in Genbeta we talked about Files UWP, a alternative to file explorer in Windows 10 which did have tabs and Modern design. Back then it was an application in its infancy, far from replacing Windows Explorer, but one that promised a lot.

Today the story is different, the almost two years of development have served its creator to make this application very fine-tuned, so much so that it can easily replace the Explorer we have at the moment in Windows 10 without you missing much of him, and instead, he may offer more in some respects.

The blessed eyelashes

Files Folder View

Files UWP put aside the initials and is now called only “Files”, it is available in the Microsoft Store, it’s free, and it’s also open source. You can see the project on GitHub which so far already has more than 70 collaborators.

While we know that Microsoft is working (for quite some time) on a modern version of Windows Explorer, even in its most recent appearances you can tell from afar that it is still quite green, and if we compare the version that can be tested for Windows 10X with Files, the difference is huge.

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Files is a file manager that now offers all the basic functions of Windows Explorer, with the addition that it does support tabs and also has a modern design, that is to say that unlike Microsoft’s it does use Fluent Design.

Files Windows 10 Explorer

In the beginning, this application did not allow or change the name of a file in a simple way, the right click was almost useless. Now supports the integration of all the functions that your browser already has in its contextual menu when you right-click, so if you have additional applications that are added there, you will not lose those functions by using Files.

The design has also been updated compared to the Files of 2019, the tabs now take up less space and all go to a rather attractive and clean top bar. What’s more now supports side panelsThat is, you can view folders or files in two different locations in the same window, greatly raising the level of productivity.

Files Modern Explorer Windows 10

Two-pane view mode

Files even supports integration with QuickLook, so without installing that wonderful app to add preview to explorer files, just press the space bar from Files to see your photos or almost any other file without leaving it.

The application also offers many customization options, from choose the page that opens when every time you start the browser, up to choose which terminal application opens by default when you want to open a command line.

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Files offers the same Windows Explorer options when it comes to file view modes (large, small, medium icons, details, etc.), and makes it very easy for you to activate or deactivate settings such as viewing hidden files, or file extensions.


It also has a panel of tasks in progress where you will even see notifications of operations that are being carried out in the explorer, such as time remaining on copies or file movements. Until it asks if you want to permanently delete a file (bypassing the recycle bin) when you try to delete anything.

Except that the loading of the thumbnails is sometimes a bit slow, and I have experienced a bit of lag when closing tabs that have a double pane view, I had a hard time finding fault with this explorer, so it is very easy for me to recommend it.

I’m sure it will only keep getting better, and as long as Windows itself doesn’t offer something like that, it’s a simplified and modern option to manage our files in Windows 10.