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Find a name for your website with Wordoid

27 mayo, 2021

Every day it is more difficult to name a website, especially if we want it to correspond to the domain name. There are many tools for finding names, but Wordoid I think it is one of the ones that offers the most attractive results.

Wordoid is an online application that helps us invent a good name for our website generating words that sound natural even if they are not: we indicate what language we want it to resemble, how much we want it to resemble a normal word, if we want it to contain a specific text at the beginning, at the end or within it (in the screenshot , I have used “gen”) and a list of results is generated.

The names that we will obtain will be constructed according to the rules of the chosen language. There are five available: English, Spanish, French, Italian and German, and we can choose several at the same time to get even more original and strange names. Under each one, we are shown the number of results for that word in Google, its availability as a .com and .net domain, and links to register them in GoDaddy.

Many of the results it offers are from a catchy and attractive loudness (although it goes in tastes). A very simple tool to use that can be useful to baptize that project you are in or even for your blog. I, at least, I think I will use it on more than one occasion.

Via | Delicious
Link | Wordoid