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Find and replace formats in Microsoft Word

27 mayo, 2021

More than once we have come across a document of Word very big and you may have in some paragraphs a format that does not interest us.

However we can fix this problem with a little trick that is very easy to use. All we have to do is go to Search for and replace, good with Contron + B and going to the tab Replace or by giving directly to Replace on the dashboard Word.

Comic Sans, the most popular (and hated) typeface


Once we have the window of Replace in the foreground in the first line we must insert the format we want to search for, fonts, style, sizes, etc. giving the button Format and looking for it in the list. In the second line we introduce the final format that we want to leave for what we are looking for or leave it blank if we do not want to give it any format.


And now we can give Relocate or Replace all Y Word will get to do the hard work.

Via | The How-to Geek