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Find the areas with the least light pollution thanks to this interactive map

26 mayo, 2021

Living in a city has many comforts: you can go to concerts, shops or walk through all its illuminated streets. The problem is that all this light pollution does not allow us to enjoy the night sky full of celestial bodies.

Light Pollution Map en an interactive map that allows us to check which areas of the planet are more lightly polluted and in which we can still continue to enjoy a totally starry night.

Global light pollution, illustrated in this map on the visibility of stars

Looking for darkness to be able to see in conditions

If we access from a device with a touch screen we can scroll and zoom using the fingers, while if we are on a computer we can do the same through the trackpad or move by clicking with the mouse.

On the right side we can display a legend in which we see what magnitude of brightness in the sky there is instead. The lighter the area, the more light pollution (the darker it is, the less pollution).

Window And Light Pollution Map 2

If we zoom out We will quickly see that the African continent is practically free of light pollution, as is the case in most of Australia, Russia or Canada.

Window And Light Pollution Map

Instead, most of Europe, United States, India, China and much of South America shine brightly on this interactive map. In the upper left part a search engine appears in which we can put a city and go directly to it.

An essential tool for astronomy lovers

If we are lovers of astronomy We can use this tool to find nearby areas that have little light pollution, place a telescope and enjoy the beauty of a completely starry sky.

If we prefer, there is a free app (for Android and iOS), from which we can find the best areas to see the sky, be aware of events or even asteroid showers.