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Find the cafe with the best Wi-Fi, the best coffee or the quietest thanks to this website

26 mayo, 2021

Today a laptop or tablet can be the epicenter of our office or business, allowing us to work from anywhere.

The real challenge is to find sites that are comfortable, quiet and, above all, that have a good Internet connection. This is where Workmode comes in, a platform where you can discover places where you can set up your office for a few hours.

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It is very easy to help this platform continue to grow

In the words of the service itself, “The goal of Workmode is to help the user find the best place to work”. The operation is very simple: once we enter, it will ask us to access the location and we will see a map with nearby pins.

On the left, it will break down the best places to work, with scores and schedules. We can sort this listing by: connection speed, distance, ratings, coffee quality and how quiet this site is.

This is an important point, since sometimes we might need a fast Internet connection, while at other times the main thing could be silence to work as concentrated as possible.

Window Y Banners And Alerts Y Workmode Find The Best Places To Work Near Me

I was surprised to try it, since I thought that in a small city there would be no results

The reality is that I was surprised to try it, since I thought that in a city like Pontevedra no results would appear. If you approach one of these sites you can click “test speed”This will help the platform have more information about this cafeteria.

Workmode Find The Best Places To Work From Near You Product Hunt

At the end of the test it also allows us to assess the quality of the coffee, how quiet this place is and how comfortable the seats are. That it is so easy to value the premises will help this platform continue to grow.

Another positive point is that we can search in other cities, in case we are planning a trip and want to know where we can comfortably work once we are there.