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Finding a Samsung Galaxy is much easier with SmartThings Find, the new location system

22 mayo, 2021

Finding a Samsung Galaxy is much easier with SmartThings Find, the new location system

After being available in its native country, Samsung has expanded the SmartThings Find service to many more countries, including Spain. With this local location service, a Galaxy device can be searched using GPS, Bluetooth BLE and Bluetooth UWB. This allows find Buds headphones, Samsung Galaxy mobile or tablet and other devices, even at home.

SmartThings is the Samsung application that enables the control of all connected devices that the company manufactures. It is a kind of Google Home (the app) for Samsung washing machines, cameras, televisions, headphones, watches and even mobile phones, this application allows you to control a wide selection of accessories. And not only monitor them, but also search for them: SmartThings Find has just expanded beyond South Korea. It is extremely useful.

Find your Galaxy with precision, even at home

Find Samsung Galaxy Smartthings

The SmartThings Find location service bears many similarities to ‘Find my mobile’ or ‘Find my mobile’, the security function included in Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets. The advantage of the new SmartThings option is that it allows locate all devices connected with Samsung account, from the phone itself to the smartwatch or wireless headphones. And all from the application, there is no need to access a website.

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If you did not have the application, you can download it from the Galaxy Store: search for SmartThings Find or enter from this link. Once downloaded, and after accepting the relevant permissions and use agreements, you will see that on the cover is the new function to locate the devices. Click there and SmartThings will download the Find module.

Once SmartThings Find has started, you will have to select which Galaxy devices registered with your Samsung account you want to have accessible for location. Depending on how many you have synchronized the list will be more or less long, so our recommendation is that choose only the ones you want to have more at hand. Once done, the main one will appear on the map with the exact position; with the option to swap the search between all selected Galaxy devices.

Find Samsung Galaxy Smartthings

SmartThings Find makes use of remote location, just like ‘Find my mobile’ (even if the device is not connected to the Internet). Not only that, it also allows local search ‘near’, as the application names it. In this search the app uses Bluetooth (both BLE and UWB, if available) to sweep and show the near position of the missing Galaxy (provided that the location permission of that Galaxy has been accepted). It is very useful to find the watch or the phone when they are lost at home, for example.

Find Samsung Galaxy Smartthings

The search for Samsung Galaxy devices using SmartThings Find is now available in Spain, also in other countries. Update your application if you already had it installed or go to the Galaxy Store in case you want to try it.

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