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fire on amazon to find the best price

27 mayo, 2021

In April, Google made Google Shopping ads free in the United States. The decision was a way to help businesses that were having a hard time during the pandemic, so that they could sell without paying commissions or fees to the search engine.

Now, the company has decided to do the same outside of its home market, and Europe, Africa and the Middle East will be able to benefit from advertising products from retailers completely free of charge. The “promotion” will be available globally mid-October.


A way to reach more customers now that you buy less in stores

Google gives the example that an Italian company has been able to survive by selling 700,000 masks thanks to a production change announced on Google Shopping. From Google they explain, yes, that the greatest advantages in terms of impressions come with ads.

“Retailers Who Post Free Listings and Ads got an average of twice the number of visits and 50 percent more visits“The company announces in the statement. In addition, they affirm that small and medium-sized companies have grown more since the option of publishing the ads without cost was launched.


Another change that they have announced is that in 10 countries such as Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, now local service advertisements can be published free of charge. They may publish advertisements for cleaning services, plumbing, etc. The ads will have customer ratings, and certificates or diplomas that certify the training or experience of the worker may be attached to them.

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This movement is framed within growing competition between Shopping and Amazon, where merchants have tougher conditions to appear that the gratuity that Google is launching globally to small and medium businesses.

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