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first look (14 important facts)

2 julio, 2021

2022 Kawasaki KLR650 First Look: MSRP
Kawasaki KLR650 2022 First Look - For Sale

Kawasaki KLR650 2022 First Look: Specifications
2022 Kawasaki KLR650 first look: photos

kawasaki klr 650 2022

2018 was a dark year for Kawasaki KLR650 enthusiasts. It was the final year of the much-loved and venerable high-caliber dual-sport model that debuted in 1987. Many fingers were crossed and spells were cast in hopes of bringing the KLR650 back to life; have been successful. The 2022 Kawasaki KLR650 will be in showrooms this summer. During his absence, Kawasaki massaged the KLR650 to update it to the likes of 2022, without losing the essence of this legendary icon. Let’s see what changed and what stayed the same.

2021 Kawasaki KLR650 First Look
KLR650 Adventure

kawasaki klr 2022

  1. There are four variants of the Kawasaki KLR650 2022. In addition to the standard version, there is the ABS, the Traveler (top case, ABS, power outlets) and the Adventure (side cases, ABS, auxiliary lights, engine guard, tank guard, power outlets and the exclusive Cypher Camo Gray color).
  1. The liquid-cooled DOHC engine is now fuel-injected. This will undoubtedly cause gnashing of teeth among the Luddites. Keihin EFI is a proven technology though, so we welcome this update with open arms – goodbye, choke, and bleed cock. The KLR650 has a 10 hole fine atomization injector and a 40mm throttle body to power the 652cc combustion chamber.
  2. The big bang is massaged to increase mid-range power. The KLR650 has a new cam timing and a narrower exhaust diameter. There is an oxygen sensor to improve fuel consumption and reduce emissions. A honeycomb catalyst keeps the KLR650 on the right side of government exhaust trackers.
  1. Kawasaki sticks with a five-speed transmission for the KLR650. However, there are some mechanical changes within the transmission. The third gear has a new derailleur fork and shifter claws, while the fourth and fifth gears receive a new finish treatment. Needle thrust bearings are now used to release the clutch, replacing ball bearings.
  2. The 2022 Kawasaki KLR650 receives a new swingarm and rear frame. The swingarm is 1.2 inches longer than before, giving the KLR more stability. Matching the longer swingarm is a 2mm larger swingarm pivot axis. The rear frame is part of the main frame with the same goal: greater stability.
  3. Suspension settings have been updated, although adjustability remains limited. The KLR650 retains a traditional fork with no adjustments. The suspension has been beefed up at both ends, with the suspension travel reflecting the KLR650’s ADV shading, rather than the dual sport numbers. The damper is adjustable for spring preload and rebound damping.
  4. There is now a 300mm front disc on the front wheels. The rear disc is 1mm thicker to improve heat dissipation. There is a standard KLR650 without ABS; the other three models are equipped with ABS at the factory. ABS is not adjustable or overrideable.
  5. Dunlop K750 tires are back in action on the 2022 Kawasaki KLR650, with tube-type wheels with wire spokes. They divide the difference between ADV and dual-sport. The 17/21 inch wheel combination offers plenty of options if the K750 doesn’t suit your style. Kawasaki reinforced the rear tire material and both axles are larger in diameter.
  6. Improving rider comfort is addressed in a number of ways. The handlebars are 0.4 inches wider, and the footpegs are pushed out 0.4 inches, and they are all rubber-mounted. The 6.1 gallon fuel tank is new and has improved knee comfort. The windshield is two inches higher and can be repositioned another 1.2 inches higher for interstate racing. Your passenger will notice remodeled grab bars.
  1. The fairing, side cover, rear cover, taillight and turn signals are updated to modern tastes. LEDs light up the road after dark.
  2. The instrument panel is now digital. The dials disappeared and were replaced by numbers on the LCD screen.
  3. If someone approaches behind you, the longer mirror arms will allow you to notice the pursuer sooner.
  4. Kawasaki paid attention to the electrical system. Tres is a newer, lighter battery, along with a much stronger generator output; now 26 amps, compared to 17. With the new LED headlight, up to 80 watts are available for accessories. The ignition coil is lighter, as is the starter motor.
  5. The updates to the Kawasaki KLR650 carefully balanced the goal of a low price, while offering improvements …

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