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first steps, tips, tricks and apps to get the most out of it

26 mayo, 2021

The Chromecast is for many people one of the best inventions of this decade. Millions of households have changed the way they consume entertainment content since Google launched its first device in 2013.

It is rare that the home does not have a Chromecast, it is one of the most recommended devices by friends and family, and one of the best gifts. What’s more, more and more televisions and stereo systems integrate their technology.

What is a Chromecast?

A Chromecast is a device that connects to HDMI from your TV to play streaming content such as videos, series, movies, music, photos, local content and much more, using your mobile device as a remote thanks to technology Google cast.

Is he USB dongle the one in charge of playing the streaming content, the mobile function is only a remote control, to tell the Chromecast what entertainment content you want to see. The mobile does not use any battery.

The first generation of this popular HDMI dongle It came out in 2013, but two years later it was replaced by three new models:

  • Chromecast (2015): This is the most basic Chromecast, the one that allows us to view FullHD content on our television. Its recommended price is 39 euros.
  • Chromecast Audio: This is the version to be connected to the speakers, in order to play streaming music from the device. It is connected by the minijack and has a multi-space function, to listen to the same song on several speakers at the same time. The recommended price of this model is also 39 euros.
Chromecast Audio
  • Chromecast Ultra: This Ultra model is the 4k UHD and HDR version of the Chromecast. If you have a UHD HDR television, this is the model you have to buy. Its recommended price is 79 euros.
Chromecast Ultra

Chromecast built-in

Chromecast Built-in

As I said at the beginning of the article, more and more televisions and speakers are coming a Chromecast built-in, so you don’t have to buy this streaming device separately. We just have to make sure that they carry the sticker Chromecast Bult-in.

On the official website of Chromecast integrated we will find the manufacturers that are integrating this technology in their televisions and speakers. All Android TV integrates Chromecast technology (Google Cast).

Currently the manufacturers that integrate Chromecast in some of their televisions are Sony, Philips, TCL, Thomson, Toshiba, Sharp, Vizio, Polaroid, Skyworth, Soniq and soon Hisense. In speakers, the manufacturers are much more extensive, here we find manufacturers such as LG, Sony, Philips, B&O, Vizio, Grunding, Polk, Onkyo, Pioneer, JBL, Harman / Kardon, Jensen, Raumfeld, NAD, Integra, Brookstone, Rivawand , Grace digital, VSSL and soon Toshiba and Solis.

How is it configured?


Setting up a Chromecast is very easy. We have to connect the Chromecast to the HDMI of our TV, or to the jack of our speakers in your Audio model, and then to your USB port or to the power outlet. Once connected to the power supply the device will turn on automatically.

If our television has not automatically switched to the HDMI source we will have to do it from the remote control to see its “Configure me” screen.

To continue with the configuration we have to download the Google Home app on our mobile. Once installed, you will have to activate the location permissions when the application asks us to do so. If we do not activate this permission, the application will not be able to detect that we have a Chromecast nearby.

Google Home

Google Home1.24.37.7

Conf Chromecast

The application Google Home it will detect that there is a new Chromecast device ready to set up. If the notice does not appear on the main screen, we can search for it by clicking on the icon Devices that appears in the upper right part of the application.


By pressing on Set up We will access a new assistant that will configure the device for us in a few seconds. The application will temporarily disconnect us from our Wi-Fi network to connect to the Wi-Fi of our Chromecast. There we just have to give our Chromecast a name and connect it to our Wi-Fi network.


After that step our Chromecast is ready to be used, but if you want to know more details about its configuration options, don’t miss the following tutorial:

How to use? Compatible apps


Using the Chromecast is very simple. We just have to open a compatible application and tap on the Cast icon to pair our mobile with the Chromecast, TV or compatible speaker. Tapping on play the content will play on the TV or speaker.


Most of the applications out there for watching entertainment content are compatible with Chromecast. Basically the exception is in Amazon Prime Video, Movistar + and Mitele, which still do not bet on this technology.

Chromecast Apps

In the app Google Home You’ll see suggestions for apps and services that you can use on your Chromecast. You can also go to Play Store and in the category Google cast discover all compatible applications.

Cast Apps

YouTube, Google Photos, Spotify, Netflix, HBO, Plex and VLC are some of the recommended applications to squeeze your Chromecast. If you want to discover more applications, you just have to visit our articles:

Cast 3

Tricks and tips

Also to squeeze your Chromecast we tell you a few tricks that every user should know about this device:

  • Mirroring: You can project the screen of your mobile on your Chromecast, in order to see the applications that are not compatible. To do this go to Google Home> Send screen or audio.
Send Screen
  • Customize the wallpaper: on Google Home> Devices you can change the Wallpaper in your settings. So you can put your favorite photos from Google Photos, Facebook or Flicker as wallpaper.
  • Guest mode: Chromecast allows our guests to send content without having to connect to our Wi-Fi network. To do this, they will only have to enter the PIN that is displayed on the TV screen. If we do not like this feature we can deactivate it from the configuration of Google Home> Devices.
  • Remove remote control notifications: Every time someone in our house sends content to the Chromecast, a notification will appear on our mobile to control playback. If we don’t want to see this notification on our mobile We can click on the gear icon of the notification and deactivate the option Multimedia controls for streaming devices.
  • Prevent other people from controlling what you send: if what we want is that Nobody in our house will see this notification what we have to do is go to Google Home> Devices and in the settings deactivate the option “Allow other users to control the multimedia content you send.
  • Search offers: on Google Home> Offers You can find special promotions from time to time for having a Chromecast, such as several months of free subscription to a music service or series, or a free rental, etc …

Problem solving

If you are experiencing technical problems to configure or use your Chromecast normally, you can try to solve your problems by consulting the following article:

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