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Five (and a half) apps to hire the best repair professionals and the like

23 mayo, 2021

Although in previous articles we talked about the difficulty of finding a professional to help us with housework, we cannot forget another contract that is not easy to carry out either: that of a technician, locksmith, plumber, installer or another independent entrepreneur who is capable of responding to the basic maintenance of our house and the like. Fortunately, these apps will make your task easier.

Home Repair

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The Home Repair database has painters, locksmiths, boiler technicians, maintenance of swimming pools, gardening, and installers or handymen … etc. To start using it – and although its website includes helplines and a contact form in which you even have the possibility of uploading a photograph of the fault – you will be asked for the location (where the work will be carried out), a description of what you need and your contact information.

You will also be asked about what type of user you are: if a community of owners or an individual, and you should determine urgency (urgent, morning, afternoon). Its developers promise to send you someone within a maximum period of three hours. It is a bit different from the previous ones, since the affected person will not be able to see the professionals in question but will be called with a solution sought.


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One of the most reliable (to register as a professional you will require references, freelance fee, etc.) 3 estimates allows you to request estimates about the service you need. In addition to the traditional tables about the type of work, its description and the location, add a tab to that you mark the interest you have in carrying out the project; something that powerfully draws our attention and that offers more guarantees to the worker.


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Although we have already brought it up on previous occasions and raised from the point of view of “time for those who do not have it”, Etece operates in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Seville and Malaga and helps us find staff for the mundane and freight, housework, to go to Ikea or assemble your furniture, organize events and more. It is perfect for specific jobs.


Focused mainly on urgent breakdowns, UrgeClick is formed not only by independent professionals but also by specific companies, workshops and others structured in up to 40 different categories.

What’s more each company has its own file (a feature that provides a feeling of security to the consumer), it has a satisfaction service, and another geolocation service –to locate the closest professionals-; as well as discounts and coupons that reward the use of the platform. It is compatible with Android and iOS.


One of our favorites, Reparalia includes the services of masons, handymen, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, air conditioning and heating technicians, painters, parquet repairers, as well as carpenters, glaziers, awning installers and more.

Despite its name, it is not only dedicated to making repairs, but through it they can be achieved tailored services, resolve specific incidents, and so on. It also includes its own section for repair insurance that the entity itself manages, and it is very easy to use. Simply enter what you need and your location to show all the available options at your fingertips.


Apart from the aforementioned tools and although it is not an application of the same idol, offers specific software for professionals in this sector. Focused mainly on the type of workers featured in our article, this system allows them to customize their services in modules. In addition, it integrates a planner to assign specific tasks to certain operators (in case there are several employees).

The program also has a section for parts ordering, the management of data, clients and notes; and it comes with a section focused on photographs (ideal to demonstrate that the incident has been resolved), another that allows adding insurers, a GPS navigator to quickly reach the address that requires the service, and may have an ERP to carry out invoices .

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Notwithstanding the utility of these applications for the final consumer, we cannot fail to comment that some of them encourage requests that are not too interested (only curious) but that, even so, they imply the displacement of the professional, who, finally, will not do the work.

A problem and a loss that finally ends up assuming the autonomous and for which alternative solutions could be found (such as a commitment to pay for transportation, for example, something that would be deducted from the final price if the task in question was carried out.

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