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Five applications to create funny videos to share with your friends

22 mayo, 2021

Do you like to be silly and create funny videos? Me too, although sometimes the time needed to do it pulls me back a bit. Fortunately, the future has already arrived, and there are plenty of apps that make fooling around easier than ever.

This time we have selected five applications with which you can create funny videos with different themes directly with your mobile, without having to be a systems engineer or spend the whole afternoon editing video on your PC.

Vine Camera


We start with the one we have the most recent in our memory, Vine Camera, the-sad- evolution of Vine, after taking away all the social part. Leaving aside the history of Vine, the application itself is a cool video editor very easy to use and that encourages you to use your creativity.

Vine Camera doesn’t include special effects or anything else to make it easier for you to create fun videos, so it all depends on how funny you are and what ideas you come up with. What does make it easier for you is record and join different video segments in a matter of seconds. Once you are done you can save the video in your gallery and share it in other applications.

Vine Camera

Vine Camera6.0.0



If what you want is to add your voice over other videos (that is, the dubbing), MadLipz is an application that makes your task a lot easier. The application presents you assorted clips of movies and series, ready for you to record over the first thing that comes to mind.

Among the advantages of MadLipz is that it automatically removes the voice from the videos, keeping much of the background sound, and that it allows you to record multiple audio tracks. When you have finished you can share it on your own website, record it on your mobile or share it in other applications.





Dubsmash is pretty much the opposite of MadLipz. Here you are the one who must put a face to audio snippets, and not the other way around. You will find all kinds of audios, from fragments of famous conversations to songs.

Although the normal thing would be to use this to do some lip sync, the final result depends entirely on your creativity and what the audio you start from inspires you. The community is quite active, so you won’t be short of inspiration.





What if you want to create a funny video but don’t feel like recording yourself or talking? You can still do it, with Ditty, an app that sing what you say and create a music video for you.

The process is very simple. You choose the song / theme, write the text and wait to see the result. Ditty creates a animation with the letters of the song and you can automatically customize the background with animated GIFs or your own videos to liven it up more.





We finished the list with an undead, MSQRD, the application that grew in popularity so fast that it ended up being bought by Facebook and is more or less abandoned since then, with its last update in August of last year.

It’s a bit sad that MSQRD is stranded, but it still has a good collection of filters / masks in real time of quality with which you can record funny videos. If you need more, here are seven other apps.

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