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Five billing applications for SMEs and freelancers

26 mayo, 2021

In the world of professional applications, billing shines with its own light due to the number of quality alternatives that are now available on the market. For many professional organizations it is necessary that they be integrated into a large management system that relates all the data and saves work, but for small organizations they generally have other types of needs. We’ll see five billing applications for SMEs and freelancers.

Many times they are even necessary for people who are not even self-employed but the opportunity arises to do a job sporadically and must make the appropriate invoice, as for example it may be the case of making a web page for a company that requests it. . It is in these cases when we have to go to simple billing applications. Let’s see some alternatives:


It is one of the simplest solutions, because it is definitely an add-on for Microsoft Word 2007 that allows you to send and receive electronic invoices. Its functionality is very simple, adding a toolbar to Word to manage all the options when managing all electronic invoicing.


Is a free solution that has the great advantage of integrating with Microsoft Office which allows it to be accessible to many users quickly and easily, without the need to install specific applications. It is a billing system suitable for small businesses and freelancers.

Get an invoice

Hazteunafacturae is a service for issuing electronic invoices over the Internet. It is free and very simple, you don’t even need a previous registration. We fill in the details of our invoice, sign it with a digital certificate and download it to send it to our clients.

Become an

It is a suitable solution for invoice sporadically, since it does not include any option to manage them globally. However, for freelancers who have a low level of billing or have to make an invoice sporadically, it is an ideal application that works very well, with which it is very comfortable to work.


It is one of the most powerful modular solutions. It works under the SaaS model, with which we avoid having to install anything on our computer and it will also be accessible as long as we have an internet connection available. It works under the Freemium model, which makes the basic module is free. In this mode, it will allow us to make up to 100 invoices and enter unlimited clients. It is one of the most interesting options under the SaaS model.

It also has a great functionality, both when exporting invoices and adapting them to the formats required by public administrations. The interesting part is that if at any time we need to increase functionality, we can contract the following plan that will increase the functionality and capacity of this solution.

Zoho Invoice

It is a good solution for all those who do not want to complicate their lives and already work with the Zoho suite of products. Therefore if we use other solutions from this collection of programs. They all have a free basic option which may be suitable for sporadic billing or for freelancers. The negative part is that it only allows us to create 5 invoices per month.

Zoho Invoice

The good part is that if we already use Zoho or have an account on Yahoo, Facebook or Google, we can access this option to ccreate an invoice quickly without having to register in additional services. It is an option in which we can benefit more if we use other Zoho business applications to manage our database with customers, email or your application to create reports or databases.


It is a billing option of free code under GLP license that allows us to install it on our own computer. It is developed under Java and you will only need an application server “ApacheTomcat” for example and a MySql server. It is a complete option that we can install or in the case of preferring another option, it is possible to contract it as a service. SdSimple is a good alternative with a good organization and structuring of the information thanks to a fairly successful interface.

These are just some of the alternatives available for invoicing. They will be more or less suitable for you depending on your needs, the volume of invoicing, if you work with electronic invoicing or not. You also have to take into account the degree of control you want to have with your application, since many SMEs or freelancers do not fully trust SaaS models and prefer to have their billing under their own control.

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