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Five little tricks to master Windows 10 like a pro

26 mayo, 2021

Today is the day of Windows 10, the new operating system is already among us and surely many of you will be passing a nice morning updating your equipment. After all, it is not often that Microsoft stretches out and starts giving free licenses to everyone who already had one of the previous versions of Windows.

Using Windows is easy, it always has been, but the difference between knowing how to use an operating system and mastering it has always been in those little tricks with which we can gain a few extra seconds or discover how to make one of the applications that we think work that we are not finishing to get all the juice. That is why today we have put together for you a small repertoire of five tricks for you to master Windows 10.


Keyboard shortcuts

Screenshot 54

One of the best ways to move around and interact with the operating system at full speed is by using its keyboard shortcuts. There are shortcuts that are still universal since Windows XP, but there are new ones that have been implemented especially in Windows 10, and with which we can quickly perform some of its new functions.

  • Win + Left / Right Arrow + Up / Down: Fix the window on one side
  • Alt + Tab: Switch between recent windows
  • Win + Tab: Task view, all open windows are visible
  • Win + C: make Cortana appear
  • Win + Ctrl + D: Create virtual desktop
  • Win + Ctrl + F4: Close active virtual desktop
  • Win + Ctrl + Left or Right: Navigate between virtual desktops
  • Win + I: Run the system setup

Hello cortana

Screenshot 55

Did you just install Cortana and it doesn’t work for you? Are you sure you have activated the option to recognition of “Hello Cortana”? To check it, you just have to click on Cortana in the menu bar, click on the notebook and then on Settings. Among the options that you will find there will be the one to allow Cortana to respond to you when you say “Hello Cortana”. But remember to have the microphone activated …

The native application to record the desktop

Screenshot 56

One of the most curious little novelties of Windows 10 is that it includes an application called Game Bar with which you can take screenshots of your games or even record on video what is being shown on the screen. Exactly, no more having to use third-party applications to record your gameplays and tutorials.

To run it you will only have to press Windows Key + G, and you will see how a bar appears with the Xbox options to play games, take screenshots and record videos. To start recording a video, all you have to do is press the red REC button or press the Win + Alt + R keys at the same time. All videos will be recorded in MP4 format.

Goodbye to File Explorer quick access

Screenshot 57

Quick access in File Explorer is a small directory of shortcuts that we can configure to always have the folders we use the most at hand. This option may not be comfortable for everyone, and also automatically displaying the most used folders could be inconvenient for privacy lovers.

If we do right click on the quick access dropdown In the file explorer and we enter Options we will have the possibility to change the behavior of this directory, being able to choose whether or not we want to see the most used folders that we have not anchored or even making the My Computer section when opening a new browser is displayed first.

Scheduling our restarts

Screenshot 58

Nobody likes that their computer restarts right after performing an update or that when we go to turn it off we find that an endless process begins to finish applying the updates. That is why Windows implements the possibility of allowing us to choose when our computer restarts even scheduling restart times.

This will be especially useful if we want have the computer restart at night when there are applications and that when we wake up we have everything ready. All we have to do is enter the configuration panel, access Update and Security and then click on advanced options.

In the drop-down to choose how the updates should be installed we will choose “Notify to schedule restarts” and voilá, when an update is finished installing it will notify us if we want restart at that time or schedule a time determined.

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