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Five must-have features of the ultimate on-demand music service

27 mayo, 2021

Music on demand and streaming is in fashion, we cannot deny the evidence. They have been with us for a few years and, since then, who else who least ends up listening to songs through Spotify, Grooveshark or directly from YouTube. But there are still details of each service that we do not quite like. I, who am also very detailed with music, I miss many things. Let’s see what, I think, should be the features that should be present in the ultimate music service.

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The broader the better catalog, and if there are gaps, allow users to fill them in

Huge music library

Many are reluctant to make the move to services of this type for a simple reason: the music they listen to is not there. That artists like The Beatles are not present on Spotify is almost sacrilege and reason enough not to hire him, according to many music lovers.

If Spotify (I say Spotify as any other name could say) does not want / can reach agreements with the record labels to include the more music the better, they should be able to integrate online storage so that IIf I have the original records, I can upload them to listen to them on my phone, my computers or my sound system (of course, only for me, otherwise the labels will get angry).

We can define it as a mix between Spotify and Google Music: I access the catalog but if I want I can get out of it to listen to my own music. It is not enough to let me play the MP3s that I have stored on my PC: I want to use streaming also to access them. We can extend that to new or too independent groups, by the way: they are not usually present in the catalogs of this type of services either (because they do not have resources or simply do not interest them).

Well ordered catalog, and easy to navigate

Music library

Many times I admit that I get bored with the songs that I have in my playlists, and I want to discover new things. Radio according to styles? Similar artists? That’s great and I don’t want to give up those features, but sometimes it’s just missing see the catalog organized according to genres, artists and others.

However I understand that when the catalog has tens of millions of songs this becomes complicated for the service. Although it is a function that could be carried out directly in each application and in each user’s computer. Currently, to take the example of Spotify again, I cannot even browse the music in “my library” filtering by artist, album or genre. I hope that sooner or later they end up fixing it.

Allow artists to directly upload their creations, and charge appropriately for them

Artists recording video clip

Grooveshark has a cool thing: allows anyone to upload their music (composed of them) and make it instantly available to everyone, without the need for intermediaries. The definitive music service, for me, should allow that if I compose a song I can upload it for free so that everyone can listen to it.

The service will want to keep a commission (for example, 30% of each reproduction) and perhaps we could accept it, but I also think that it would not seem entirely right to me: the one who pays, through money or through advertising, is the one who listens; whoever introduces his material so that others can listen to it does nothing but enrich the catalog of the service in question!

Ubiquitous: it must be where I am and in the best possible way


The definitive music service should be present on the more platforms the better: my computers, my portable devices (with a connection to the car, for example), my sound equipment. Y in addition to being present on each platform, it must adapt to them, integrating with the different operating systems and even adapting the sound quality (whenever possible).

What does this mean? If I am using my computer, I can listen to music with a sufficient quality (bitrate, if you prefer), using a reasonable bandwidth. If I am using a mobile device connected by 3G, I should use codecs that do not require too much bandwidth, and somewhat lower bitrates (although I am allowed to configure it), and if I am using professional sound equipment or with a certain quality … well, I will want the best sound even lossless if possible. Although for this it is necessary to pay more for bandwidth.

Social: listening to music is something that is also done between friends

Young people listening to music

Spotify has something that I love: it integrates with Facebook (where all my friends are), I can see what music they are listening to and even listen to it with them. It allows me to share songs on Twitter, Tumblr or with other users of the service. All this makes using one of these services something that goes beyond the mere fact of listening to music.

In that sense I dont have nothing to complaint about, as I say. I am a user of Spotify and Facebook and on the social level I have everything I need to have. Perhaps making it unnecessary to have an account on both services to enjoy all the social features would make it perfect.

Is there a service that fits this description?

Right now we have some music on demand services. Spotify, Grooveshark, Deezer, Sonora … For my taste none of them perfectly fits what I am looking for, but maybe it is Spotify the closest. I imagine that they will continue to evolve and that sooner or later some will come a little closer to what I ask for; if not, there is always the option of having the music I listen to stored on my computers and accessible through a service such as Google Music.

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