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Five online sites with programming challenges where we can improve our code

27 mayo, 2021

We usually leave creativity on hold when programming due to the monotonous tasks that our daily jobs demand of us. We almost always solve the same problems: “moving data from one place to another” without facing new challenges or new ways of thinking.

To solve this deficiency we can sign up to solve programming challenges proposed by specialized online sites whose main purpose is to learn and have fun programming.

Their Benefits they are quite healthy for the programmer:

  • We learn new ways to solve problems, learning from other programmers
  • We practice with new programming languages ​​that for one reason or another are not within our reach
  • We are faced with challenges that are out of our usual day-to-day life. A comfort zone that damages and rusts programmers.
  • And of course, we have fun programming by keeping our minds awake and active.

We begin with a review of a series of recommended sites on what to find programming challenges and small code tests that many companies incorporate into their job interviews.



It is a platform for solving programming challenges of Spanish origin created by Rubén Bernárdez. It brings together a wide community of developers who speak Spanish in which different problems are solved, challenged and discussed. It is a space where anyone can share their code and demonstrate their way of thinking. We can find numerous code-kata to practice, although participation is always valued.

More information | Solveet



It is a platform in which the developer community (made up of almost one million users) compete in dozens of proposed programming and design challenges. Many of these challenges have financial compensation. There are challenges of all kinds: algorithms, bug races, testing, one-week developments, etc …

More information | Topcoder


Hacker earth

Like TopCoder, it has numerous tests to test our programming skills. One of the points that distinguish this platform is that it is common to find code tests and challenges created by companies to hire programmers. The best classifieds can apply for a job. In addition, its platform allows you to execute and test the code from the browser.

More information | HackerEarth



It was created as a kickstarter project to help starting programmers. Its focus is to create a community in which small problems are raised (questions / answers) programming that are solved with the help of the community.

More information | Coderbyte

Project Euler

Project Euler

Project Euler (in honor of Leonhard Euler) is one of the largest collections of math problems, created in 2001. It has more than 450 problems related to subjects. It seeks to achieve the best algorithms and the most efficient solutions.

More information | Project Euler

Via | codecondo