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Five services with free option to host and distribute your podcast

26 mayo, 2021

A few days ago we published a guide in which we recommend different tools when giving life, recording and editing a podcast. Now that we know how to do it, let’s focus on services that allow us to host it and share it with the rest of the world.

Once you have the MP3 file with the episode’s audio, you must upload it to a server and via an RSS feed make it possible for other people to subscribe and receive each new episode.

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Basically you will have three ways to do it: using your own server, a free hosting platform or opting for a paid service. Each of these options have their strengths and weaknesses, so let’s discuss some of the best options.

If we choose to store it on our website (or on your own server) you will have to take into account that you may end up needing a good bandwidth, depending on the number of episodes you are going to publish and the number of people who download it.

What’s more, if we slow down the loading of our website, Google could penalize us and that later it does not appear well positioned in the searches. Those people who have moderately advanced knowledge about the operation of all this should opt for this option, since if it is not done well it can end up giving more problems than solutions.


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iVoox is one of the best known podcasting platforms and used (especially) by users who publish content in Spanish. The main strengths of the Free Plan are: unlimited transfer and storage, its large community of users and statistics that follow the IAB recommendations.

That means that you can upload the number of episodes you want, although you must bear in mind that there are certain limitations: must be MP3, cannot exceed 300MB, two hours long and include advertising at the beginning of the episode.

Unlimited file upload and metrics

Window And Audiokiosko Podcast Radio Mp3 And More Ivoox

If you want to eliminate the limitation of two hours, you can think of the PRO Plan, which (for 2.49 euros per month) also allows us to schedule the date of publication of the audios or enjoy iVoox without advertising.

Be able to access statistics (which follow the IAB recommendations) is one of the best ways to know at all times how your podcast is working: how many people are actually downloading each episode, where on the planet and from what source (iTunes, Pocket Casts or Google Podcasts) these reproductions arrive.


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Podcasts as well known and massive as StuffYouShouldKnow and The Joe Rogan Experience (yes, the show Elon Musk smoked marijuana on) use this service to host and distribute their episodes.

There are three different plans, but the “Basic” option (free) it will surely be enough for those looking to get started in the world of podcasting. There is no limit in terms of uploads or listens in this plan, and they assure that “Mixcloud will always be free”.

If we pay $ 11 a month we can activate the Pro plan, with which we will unlock some interesting features: complete statistics, ability to disable comments, schedule uploads or highlight certain content.


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Spreaker is one of the leading platforms for hosting and distributing podcasts. Like the previous services, there are plans that adapt to different needs: they range from free to “Station”, which costs 99.99 euros per month.

They even offer apps for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows from which to directly record each episode and upload them to the platform. Spreaker allows us to customize the players, but we must know that with the free account we will only have five hours of space (divided into 15-minute sessions).

Another positive point is that all plans offer live chat, so that you can chat or make requests directly to the people who are listening to you.


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On the cover of their website, Anchor says they are “the best way to make your podcast.” From here you can “create and star in unlimited episodes, distribute your show anywhere and make money from it.”

“Everything in the same place, everything for free.”

A declaration of intentions. As they say, from this application it is possible to create, search and listen to podcasts. Precisely, Spotify bought this company at the beginning of this month, paying a total of 110 million dollars.

Its application is very easy to use and allow us to invite another user to the program directly from the app. Another positive point is that we can add background music from Apple Music or Spotify, although this will only work for those who listen within Anchor.

There is no limit to the audio clips we can upload, although we must know that each clip cannot exceed two hours in length or 300MB in weight.

Winamp will return in 2019 as a completely renewed service


Soundcloud Macos Macbook Pro

For years, SoundCloud was one of the leading services for uploading audio to the Internet. Despite some controversy in recent months, it is still a good option to upload and distribute our podcast.

Your community and design are some of its strengths, but if we opt for the free plan we must know that we have a limit of three hours (very little if we think about the duration that podcasts usually have).

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To have unlimited uploads we will have to pay for the “Pro Unlimited” Plan, with which we will also have access to the complete metrics, publication schedule and the option to replace the audios.