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Fleex or how to learn English by watching Netflix

26 mayo, 2021

That knowing languages ​​is essential to access certain jobs and that the English It has been chosen as a vehicle for communication throughout the world. It is a well-known reality. A situation has also led to the appearance of new online methods to learn it, various academies and a long etcetera that you can imagine.

However, there are other more original options that will allow you to learn the language and enjoy it at the same time. A context in which Fleex has a place, an application that, although it was lit a few years ago, has now incorporated a feature that will allow us to learn this language via Netflix, among other. But how?

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This is how Fleex works

Screenshot 2016 09 03 At 11 43 21

Thus and under the promise that, with her “learning English is fun”, Fleex is an interesting solution when it comes to getting the batteries“ without dying in the attempt ”. A service that will delight lovers of the seventh art and that you can now use with the popular streaming service. Of course, only in the web version. Its operation is simple:

  • To start testing itYes, we will have to register, something we can do through our Facebook account.
  • Then we will be asked to take a moment to configure our account (it is possible not to do so). We enter our occupation and native language, and select the level of difficulty. We also add the reason for which we need to improve our English and the time and days of the week that we can dedicate to it.
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  • Then we will be redirected to our home page, where we can choose content not only from Netflix, but also from YouTube, TED or a file video from our device. As for this first and despite the fact that it already appears on the web as one more option for those who have an account on the platform, we have not been able to test it at the time of writing.

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However, the integration, as confirmed by its creators to the specialized medium TechCrunch, is already in operation. A feature made possible by the Netfilx HTML player that accepts extensions to complement the displayed content. In any case, its developers have also targeted the international expantion Netflix as a key point.

Screenshot 2016 09 03 At 11 53 12

“A few years ago Netflix was not available internationally, but now it is quite open and we can work with its player directly. It is not an API but it is open ”, they have commented.

On general terms And so that you can make a composition of the place on the web, each of the episodes has its title and description in English but, if we click on them, a simultaneous translation is made. We have to say that not all videos have subtitles in our language (this determines that we can jump from one to another), but that we are warned a priori. At the beginning we are offered, on the other hand, a guided tour so that we understand how Fleex works and we do not miss any features.

Here we explain the use that we can give to the Subtitle, that we can change the level in the CC button located in the lower right part, next to the language, of the player, the way to pause the video, and the use that we can give to the arrows located to the right and left and that allow us go forward or backward to check what has been said.

Screenshot 2016 09 03 At 14 19 16

During the visualization, in addition, it is possible to click on any word to listen to it, save it or check its meaning. The same is true for set phrases.

The page also puts at our fingertips a exhibition record (in minutes) to the videos, the words in which we have clicked during the reproduction of them, a section of personal phrases and a reminder of the time that you have indicated to be willing to dedicate to the tool.

Screenshot 2016 09 03 At 14 23 47

In the upper area of ​​it you will find other sections with your videos, vocabulary and exercises, while in the lower area you will find frequently asked questions of the platform and help on grammar.

On the other hand – and although it has a free trial period – we have to mention that it is not a free service but that you can subscribe by 6.9 euros per month or pay 39 euros per year. However, it doesn’t work offline and it doesn’t always integrate dual subtitles.

Other similar tools

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To finish, we cannot stop commenting that this application is not unique in its kind but that there are other alternatives such as Speechyard, a very similar platform to the protagonist of our article that also allows us to learn English through the seventh art. In his case, he has films -of all kinds and for all ages-, specific scenes, video clips to study certain issues, and so on.

A selected content specifically so that knowing all the ins and outs of the language is enjoyable. In addition, the website offers us a series of games in the purest Duolingo style so that we can remember phrases and terms stored in our library, and includes tests, memory cards and other resources.

Screenshot 2016 09 03 At 15 13 55

OverStream and are also similar. The second, however, is focused on the teaching of our language. Their videos are also created by themselves, that is, they are not movies or the like. In OverStream there is more variety, and they even place the source of the original video. Of course, its interface leaves something to be desired if we compare it with the tool at hand.