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Flickr – Genbeta

25 mayo, 2021

Flickr news on Genbeta

Surely more than one is familiar with the following situation. You return from a trip and in the camera you bring more than a thousand photos, you start uploading it to Flickr and when you want to realize your connection does not give more of yes and you can not do anything. This, of course, is not pleasant at all.

One option would be, for example, to put them up just when we go to work or before going to sleep. Thanks to Flickr Schedulr We can go one step further and create an ordered list of images to upload to our account.

The first thing we should do as soon as we start Flickr Schedulr is to give you permission to access our account Flickr. Once we have it done we can get to work. We can add as many photos we want and order them in the order in which we want them to be uploaded.

We can indicate for each photo the tags we want, as well as any other parameter that allows Flickrsuch as privacy, sets you belong to, or groups. Although we can also set some as default for all photos.

Perhaps it is not the definitive option, since by the name I expected an application that would allow programming a time and day at which we indicated, but I have not found any of that in the application (if someone does it, tell me where) . For the rest, yes, that’s fine, but personally I think that it does not add anything new that the official client of Flickr (which is also multiplatform, not like Flickr Schedulr).

Another good thing is that it does not require installation, so we just download it and go, although it is in English. It works with Windows although it does not specify, although I would swear that it does it with all the compatible with .NET Framework 2.0 (the latter is a requirement to make the application work).

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