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Foap, another service for buying and selling photographs taken with your mobile

24 mayo, 2021

Foap is a service that reinforces the idea that it is no longer necessary to have an expensive camera to market our photographs. What it offers Foap It is a platform for the sale of those images that we have made with our mobile. With our iPhone, to be more exact, though android version will come later.

A few days ago I was talking about Plusgram, a Spanish service through which we can sell and buy photos taken with Instagram. Foap does not require that the photo be processed, simply that we have taken it us with the mobile. If we want to sell a photograph, all we have to do is register and install the application that we will find in the App Store.

The price is the same for all photos, 10 dollars, and the seller keeps half (the payment / collection method is PayPal). On the other hand, Foap distinguishes between photos labeled “Commercial”, which can be used for commercial use once purchased, and “Editorial” for non-commercial use (logos, certain famous buildings, etc.).

Finally, it should be said that not just any photo is valid here: the Foap team filters them to make sure they are of a minimum quality and that you meet the requirements (no sexual or violent content).

PS: for the moment Foap is not available in our App Store, but it is clear that we are moving towards a normalization in the commercialization of photographs taken with smartphones.

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