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For me the best music player is …

23 mayo, 2021

For years and years, one of the great software choices a user had to make when brand new equipment was which music player to use. Those integrated into the system were often not enough taking into account the needs of the most advanced users, so they ended up opting for one of the many options that were available.

Today, in the middle of 2019, streaming has become the king of music, which implies that most users open Spotify, Apple Music and some other service, but they listen to little music stored in MP3 files locally. Some of the members of the Genbeta and Webedia team continue to do so, and although in most cases they have also lost prominence to streaming, this is the music player that we recommend to readers.

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Gabriela gonzalez, Genbeta Senior Editor

In my time I used Winamp and only Winamp. Its efficiency in organizing the music library is simply unmatched, it was also compatible with iPods and transferring music to the device was easier and faster than with iTunes itself. Also, the skins, the level of customization was what I liked the most and something I miss about things like Spotify. But hey, it still exists, so those who still download music have it as an alternative and there are few like that.

Winamp 5.8 It is available for Windows for free and can be downloaded from its official website.



Santi Araujo, Genbeta Senior Editor

Although I usually turn to Spotify to listen to music, I use VLC to listen to the records that I cannot find on the streaming platform and for some moments that I am not connected to the Internet (for example, if I am traveling by train).

In addition, I have it connected to Last.Fm to continue recording the music that I listen to outside of Spotify. Previously I used VOX, but I was not convinced and I like the simplicity that VLC offers when it comes to playing content that I have on my computer.

Eva Rodríguez de Luis, Xataka Senior Editor

It is difficult for me to pay attention, so watching series costs me horrors and the same thing happens with music: I cannot listen to it while doing activities that require concentration. I say this because I am not a heavy consumer of content.

For the music I use for the convenience of Spotify free and its playlists and for music, series and movies I use the same for simplicity: VLC, a simple program that plays everything without hitting anything. I like the simplicity of its interface and its possibilities. I don’t need more and I hate having a lot of software installed on my computers “

VLC It can be downloaded for free for Windows, macOS, Linux and other platforms from its official website.

Windows Media Player

Windows Media

Toni Castillo, Senior Editor at Genbeta.

I admit that I am not particularly music lover and that I have never been able to study or work with music beyond classical. Perhaps due to all these conditions, I have never asked too much of my music player and, until the arrival of solutions such as Spotify, Amazon Music or YouTube, the use of Windows Media Player was enough for me. A player that, oddly enough, I still use when I listen to something locally.

For a few years, and even more today used in Windows 10, it is a true trip to the past. That interface with volumes, reflections and other details nowadays totally out of date, add to its use an aura of old-fashionedness that hears, it is interesting. It’s almost like that ad in which a thirty-something returns to listening to music with his walkman and cassettes going back to the nineties.



Cesar Muela, Editorial Coordinator at Webedia

On a technical level, it is one of the ones that offers the best sound quality due to the great codec support it has, in addition to the equalization or sound effects options it offers and the few resources it consumes. I also think that its options are interesting, such as the management of playlists as tabs, as if it were a browser; the plugins that you can install (it even has some from Winamp that are compatible) and the customization options; tools such as radio recording, automatic shutdown or alarms, audio converter …

I think it is one of the most recommended if you not only like to hit play, period (although in that it already has more quality than the vast majority of available players).

AIMP It is available for Windows to download for free on its official website. There is also a version for Android.



Roberto Jimenez, Editorial Manager of Webedia

I use Plex with a NAS that I access from any device. By profile, I have seen how many small group albums or singles that I like disappeared from streaming services or were not even uploaded there, so I still prefer to live in 2008 as far as music is concerned and the streaming that needs to do it from my collection.

Neither the business models of Spotify convince me (good for them, bad for artists) nor does the service give me what I ask for (the algorithm is plenty, I prefer to use Rateyourmusic and its recommendations rather than depend on what Spoti or Apple wants to teach me Music) nor its limits of how much music you can add, keep, etc …

Plex is a free service and is available from the web and from Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, consoles, etc. There are links to the various downloads on their website.

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Clementine player


Yúbal FM, Editor in Engadget

Currently my musical reproduction is limited to Spotify, with some few discs that I have ripped and incorporated from my hard drive to the application. However, in those days when everything was a bit more difficult, the application that I was using the longest was Clementine Player.

It is one of those players capable of organizing all your albums and artists visually, with covers and search options. It also allows you to transfer music to devices and create playlists. Like Spotify, but a bit more rudimentary. The best thing is that it is a free and cross-platform application, so if I switched between Windows and Linux I didn’t have to find an alternative.

Clementine It can be downloaded for free for macOS, Windows and Linux from its official website.



Cristian Rus, Editor in Applesfera and collaborator in Engadget.

My current music player on macOS is iTunes. Sometimes the default options are the best due to their integration, maintenance and evolution. There are a number of reasons why I use iTunes in addition to being the Apple Music player (the streaming service I subscribe to).

For example, its integration with Siri or extensions within the operating system itself. Although if there is one point in favor to highlight above all, it is its smart lists, which can be created based on filters and so that they are automatically updated even when changes occur in the music library.

iTunes It arrives pre-installed in macOS Mojave and can be downloaded for free for Windows from its official website and from the Store.



Julio Cesar Fernandez, editor at Applesfera.

On the Mac I use VOX, a professional app with support for all existing audio formats, including FLAC. Mainly, because I have a professional USB interface connected to the Mac, which when I use to listen to music, I sometimes use music from the hdtracks web, where commercial (legal) music can be purchased in 24-bit quality. For example, the soundtrack to Interstellar by Hans Zimmer.

VOX is very minimalist, gives extraordinary sound quality, takes up almost no resources and is compatible with all audio formats, some not supported by iTunes. It is also integrated with a plugin to the standard keyboard controls of the playback.

VOX is a free app with in-app purchases that can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.