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Forager Update Finally Brings One-Year Post-Launch Content to Switch and PS4 •

2 julio, 2021

Available now on Xbox One and Game Pass too.

Forager, the lovable, yet fearsome compulsive, open-world quest weirdness from developer HopFrog, has finally updated its PlayStation 4 and Switch releases to add all of the post-launch content that made its way to PC over the last year.

Since its launch last April, Forager on PC has continued to enhance its core game loop of incessant collecting and expanding exploratory resources (including a handful of dungeon crawling and puzzling for good measure) with plenty of post-launch updates, ranging from new biomes and game modes to enhanced combat and boss fights.

All of that has finally made the leap to PS4 and Switch in a hefty update, and publisher Humble Games has shared an overview of everything that’s included on their website. However, if you’d rather give your clicking finger a rest, you’ll also find the list below:

  • New game modes
  • New biomes
  • New levels of equipment and items
  • New and improved weather system
  • Enhanced combat
  • Improved boss fights
  • New enemies and bosses
  • Pets
  • Secret merchant NPC (sells rare items)
  • New inventory and crafting menus.
  • Nuclear propulsion structures

That’s not all that’s new about Forager either! After a considerable wait, the game finally received an Xbox One release, where it is available to buy for £ 16.74 and to download as part of Xbox Game Pass, if you have a subscription. HopFrog notes that the Xbox One version also includes all of the content now available on Switch and PS4 through today’s big update.

Forager Update Finally Brings One-Year Post-Launch Content to Switch and PS4 •