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Forget Photoshop, with this free tool you can automatically remove the background from any image

26 mayo, 2021

If you take the difficult option and decide to use some photo editing software like Photoshop to isolate a subject from an image and remove the background, it will take a while, especially if you are not familiar with the process and tools.

But if you choose an option like, a free web application that removes the background from almost any image you provide completely automatically, it will take zero effort and just a few seconds.

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Upload an image or paste a URL and wait 5 seconds

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All you have to do is upload an image to the site or paste the URL and wait about 5 seconds for it to be processed. The result is shown next to the original image and you are offered a download in PNG format in a quite acceptable resolution, although lower than that of the original image.

Now obviously the tool isn’t perfect, it works wonders with sharp photos that have good light and composition. Now, with dark, poor quality or low sharpness images, you will never get the same results, plus there is no customization option to select the subject.

It only serves to remove the background in photos where people appear

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In addition, the tool only works with people, if you want to remove the background of an image in which your cat appears, sorry but it is not possible. If it doesn’t detect at least one person in the image, it just doesn’t process it.

Despite its limitations, it is still a fairly efficient tool that can help you at any time, it is easy to use, free, fast and you can definitely save it in favorites for a rainy day.