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Free e-books: eight websites to find them

26 mayo, 2021

One of the great advantages of ebooks it’s how easy it is to reproduce them. The cost of publishing a work on paper, with a wide circulation of copies, has nothing to do with what it costs to do the same on digital. For this reason, among other reasons, we can find thousands free e-books.

The books that we find in digital format for free are, fundamentally, works whose copyright has expired, texts that since their birth have been freely published or worked that simply, despite having copyright in force, are distributed from free of charge so that no one has to pay anything to read them.

In this article we collect different web pages where you can find a wide variety of ebooks free. Take good note.

18 pages to download free and royalty-free books in English

Elejandria, a website with the best classics in Spanish


Elejandria, of which we spoke in the past, is a website that brings together a large part of the best classics in Spanish. Its main objective is to promote culture and distribute great classics of mankind in a visual, orderly and simple way, always free, and the truth is that they do it quite well. The books are usually available in PDF or ePub, although there are also some in .doc, .txt or the Kindle format.

Books on science, philosophy or history on the CSIC website

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The Higher Council for Scientific Research is the largest public research body in Spain and its main task is to promote and develop research that contributes to scientific and technological advancement. In this context, this body includes a publisher of the same name that has in its catalog thousands of works in physical and digital format, some of which are free and we can download from this section of your website.

Wikisource, published books and much more


Wikisource is a Wikimedia project, like the famous Wikipedia, which aims to create “a free wiki compendium of texts from primary sources in any language, as well as translations of texts”. In this repository we can find both published books and other texts in other formats. We speak of historical documents, works of notable sources or works with references, for example.

Project Gutenberg, a classic in itself

Project Gutenberg

It is difficult to talk about free e-books and not to cite Project Gutenberg, a widely known initiative that brings together a good number of old works, counting on about 60,000 ebooks that do not cost a euro or a dollar. These texts can be consulted on the web or downloaded in different formats to read on other devices. In addition, although the website is in English, it contains books in more than fifty languages.

Amazon also has free e-books

Entry 2019 04 24 172 428

Perhaps many will be surprised to learn that on Amazon we can find free e-books for the company’s Kindle devices just by searching for “free books” or similar. Carrying out this search we will reach both classic books that lack copyright as well as books published by authors who have decided to offer their titles for exactly nothing.

The website of La Casa del Libro, also with free books

The book house

The website of La Casa del Libro, one of the largest bookstore chains in Spain, also offers a section, this one that we link, in which it presents electronic books that can be read for free. The best of all is that this portal shows us which are the most downloaded, with which we can find the works that arouse the most interest, in addition to grouping the free titles by theme. An option to consider.

Municipal Network of Libraries of Seville, another great option

Entry 2019 04 24 173 141

The Municipal Network of Libraries of Seville makes available to the population of Seville and the entire network a catalog of nearly 3,000 e-books that can be downloaded for free. As they well explain on the website of the Seville City Council, to get them we only have to drag the book or books that we want to the shopping cart that appears (it is also useful to click on them) and they will be downloaded to our computer compressed in zip or directly in format epub.

All the titles offered observe current legislation. Any questions or comments in this regard can be indicated in the following email:

Ganso y Pulpo, a digital reissue work worthy of admiration

Entry 2019 04 24 173 507

As its managers explain, Ganso y Pulpo is an independent non-profit publishing project that reissues, publishes and disseminates, literary texts that are difficult to access to the potential reader because they have been discontinued, had a minimal circulation or have fallen into oblivion. These works are in the public domain, in accordance with the Intellectual Property Law in force in Spain, and are offered in epub format. In particular, they highlight the very careful compilation that they have made of short stories from old publications.