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Free Microsoft Software for Students

24 mayo, 2021

DreamSpark is a Microsoft project to provide its free software to the students. Any student can access through an email provided by their university (the project is more oriented towards university students) to a Software catalog that includes tools such as Visual Studio. If, in addition, it turns out that your center has contracted a license with DreamSpark, this Software catalog is expanded.

The good news is that most Spanish universities have contracted the premium program that gives access to all DreamSpark software, where we will find the latest versions of Windows, Visual studio, Office or even the server versions and other Microsoft tools.

The goal of the program is to provide students with professional Microsoft design and development tools at no cost, so students can realize their dreams and create the next technological breakthrough … or simply gain the upper hand in their careers.

The licenses they usually provide are for 24 months. With the current rate of Microsoft updates to its tools, this is not too much of a problem since with each new version we will have a new 24-month use license.

Upgrade: As well indicated in the post, it is not the licenses that last 24 months but the access to the serials. If we keep them we will always have access to them. Thanks to all who have warned.

The DreamSpark program has been around for a while, but many universities don’t often mention it and it’s a shame. If you are a university student, you no longer have an excuse to have an illegal version of Windows or office.

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