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Freemake Video Converter a complete and easy-to-use solution

27 mayo, 2021

After a question they asked me last Friday, I started looking for a program to recommend. And the question was not easy at all:

Some easy and fast video converting program?

Normally my solution in these cases is to kill flies with cannon shots and use professional video editing software or semi-professional for conversion. Of course that cannot always be the answer, and after searching and testing various applications (and although for tastes, there are the colors), I was convinced by the Freemake Video Converter option.

And it is that we are facing a free program that, without being perfect (far from it), has taken me to the orchard by simple and attractive interface. And it is that, every day more, I believe that the interface of a program is almost as important, or more, than its functionality.


The Freemake Video Converter interface

As I have commented, it is one of the great strengths of the application. And it is that, once the installation is finished, if you do not have it installed, download and install the environment .NET Framework 4. And it is that, starting there, you can already give us a good feeling regarding the graphic appearance of the program.

The window, which loses brightness in its colors when it is not the active window, it is divided into three sections.

  • A keypad where we can add the different source files we want to convert.
  • The main space is reserved to list the selected files and to be able to edit your options.
  • In the bottom we have a bar (with horizontal scrolling) where we will choose what output formats we want. We just have to click and the conversion will start.

Formats supported by Freemaker

One of its great strengths is the number of formats it supports, both input and output. For YouTube lovers, if you download a video (or several) from YouTube, you can convert them to a format that your television (or player) supports. In fact compatibility with FLV Y MKV They have been two pleasant surprises.

But it also supports formats like the hated MOV, QT and RM. Easier than detailing them is to look at a capture of the program itself where they comment on all the possible supported formats:

Freemake Video Converter: Supported Formats

Merging Videos into a Single File

It was strange for me not to find the menu where they would let me join videos that I added to the main panel. But there is no menu, there is a handsome button indicating “In a file”, which simply joins all the files you have put; although they are of different types.

And it is that, again, we return to the ease of use of the program. When in other programs you have to drag all of them into a folder, activate an option in a menu, or you simply cannot unite them; here you have it in sight. You cannot choose options, but with one click you have it done.

Freemaker Video Converter Multimedia Options

When you import media you have a few options so let’s give them a quick overview:

  • Video: Allows us cut a video to select the moments we want. It has a button to advance to the next scene, or change of plane. Useful for getting good scene starts. It can rotate the image and mirror it horizontally and vertically.
  • Audio: It seems created to upload to Youtube. It will let us put a still photo as an image, or a generated visualization from the song itself.
  • DVD: You can select the different titles of the DVD and carry out the same transformations as in the case of videos. We too lets choose the audio language, of those available from the own DVD.
  • Photos: You can select the time each photo remains as well as the music that will be heard in the background.

The conversion

In principle, the program with the possibility of quickly converting videos is advertised. And this does taking advantage of the CUDA feature nVidia cards. In the case of having a different graphics card, times are normal. Similar to those of other programs (differences of a few seconds in the tests I have done). In some cases, it has been slower, but it could be attributed to the inhomogeneity of the tests.

The possible output formats that are marked are: AVI, MKV, for devices Manzana (iPad included), devices Android (with different resolutions), DVD, MP3, Youtube (uploads it automatically after entering your account details), MP4, WMV, SWF, MPEG, PSP / PS3 and 3GP.

Freemake Video Converter: Output Formats


The best

Without a doubt, the Interface and the Easy to use that provides us, as well as the large number of output formats, which basically include all audiovisual devices on the market. Also, highlight the ease to perform some transformations to our video files. In fact, it may be the beginning of the end, in my case, of the beloved Virtual Dub Mod.


I don’t see them as negative points, but I do see them as points to improve. The possibility of add embedded subtitles in the video itself, in addition, some slightly more specialized options for photo slideshows. In addition, it would be infinitely appreciated if you could tell us how long it takes to finish the conversion …

Via | Softpedia

Official page | Freemake