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Freepik, a search engine for free images. Made in Spain. Malagueño Project.

27 mayo, 2021

Following the line of GenbetaDev to point out the work of the developers of Spain in particular and Latin America in general, today I want to share a look, and a brief conversation, at a very interesting resource for web designers and developers.

Freepik is a search engine that helps graphic and web designers to locate high-quality photos, vector images, illustrations, and files PSD for your creative projects.

Freepik searches and locates free graphic content on the Internet and displays the results in a suitable layout for easy access. Freepik makes it easier for you to find the files you need without manually searching dozens of websites.

How does it work?

Freepik robots visit hundreds of web pages in search of graphic resources, read the content of these sites and, if they consider it appropriate, treat them with an algorithm that determines the value of the content and classifies the results according to quality and relevance criteria.

Hard work at Freepik is not done by people. The robots crawl the internet keeping the database up to date with the latest content.

Freepik aims to become one of the most important graphic sources, related to free content, and an essential tool for designers. Once the user finds the files they need, they are redirected to the original file hosting sites.

Some words from the author

How did you come up with making this product with google images or bing images like “competitors?

The idea of ​​developing this project was out of my own necessity since I have been developing websites for years and I have always needed graphic content to be able to be free. To find a fairly good image or vector, I had to go through a list of dozens of websites where designers posted free content until I found the one that interested me, and all of this wasted me a lot of time.

Now if you are looking for a specific image, the search engine is in charge of visiting hundreds of websites for you and giving you the most relevant results of that moment.

In what language and on what platform have you done it?

Freepik is developed in PHP and Mysql, and as a web server I use Nginx. It is developed completely to measure since it is necessary that the web is highly optimized since it has millions of users per month.

How many people make up the team?

I developed the site in its entirety, but I have been incorporating people into the team for some time since the project needs more work every day.

Any private or public help?

No help, when developing it, all I needed was time and more time;)

And the future? Where is freepik heading?

Freepik was born with the idea of ​​being the leading free content search engine on the web, once this goal has been achieved, we are working very hard to give users tools to be able to propose content, vote for it, classify it and with the help of the community make it the content is even better.

Where is the company from?

The company is in Malaga Capital.


Since this seeker has reached my ears, It has made it much easier for me to find royalty-free images to make the cover images of the articles.

The search engine is fast and the number of results and their usefulness have seemed very good to me. If anything, it would improve the speed in which the first page of images loads since it is a bit slow.

I like being able to filter the search by vector images or by photos. Or take a quick look at the new images, or the most popular resources. And, as a house brand, I can also search files PSD (Photoshop).

Free Source

Curious that only 8 results come out of “Free Source”

Another help is being able to register as a user. Being able to access a history of my downloads or store my favorites.

In conclusion, although it is true that it is noticeable that it has been indexing for a short time when you search for “rare” terms such as World of Warcraft, in my opinion It is very worth it and Alex’s work is appreciated, the author.

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