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Full press images of all models are leaked

26 mayo, 2021

As we have already mentioned on occasion, the next high-end phones from Samsung are just around the corner. The 2020 pandemic has altered the launch plans of not a few brands and Samsung will be one of those that will advance its calendar to 2021, bringing future Samsung Galaxy S21s to the first days of January. It is rumored, not yet confirmed, that we will see them on January 14.

So, since we had previously seen the front image of the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, the leaks have run their course and Evan Blass himself has released the complete images of the entire trio of future phones. The Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21 + and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra no longer have secrets in regards to its appearance and coloring. This is what the leaked images show us.

This is the Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

We start with the first of the leaked models, which in turn is the most basic of the brand’s next shortlist of launches. The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G that lands with what appears to be a completely flat screen, as can be seen in the images. The perforation of the screen is kept in the center and because there are no curves in the panel, the frames are fully symmetrical.

Samsung Galaxy S21: release date, price, models and everything we think we know about them

For the back, a completely clean design with the brand’s logo at the bottom and the cameras located in a module that protrudes from the body in the upper left corner, a design that he shares with his other two brothers. In this module we can see three lenses for its three sensors, and the LED flash is outside the module, embedded in the body next to it.

Same design for the three brothers, with the exception of the five-fold camera module for the Ultra

The button panel is on the right side of the phone if we are looking at the screen, with the volume buttons above the power button, and we only need to see the upper and lower frames to check the location of the speaker and the USB type C port. By the way, the fingerprint reader will be embedded in the screen as in previous generations, especially because something strange has to happen so that we are not facing a Dynamic AMOLED manufactured by Samsung itself.

Regarding colors, Evan Blass teaches us four colors for the future Samsung Galaxy S21 5G. We will have it in color black and in color White, the first of which has the camera module in the same color while the second opts for a silver module. We will also have a body purple and other rose, both with the camera module in gold color.

This is the Samsung Galaxy S21 +

Samsung Galaxy S21 + 5G

We hit the middle brother of the next trio of Samsung releases and stumbled upon a design virtually identical to the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, with the difference of the colors. We have the same screen with the same perforation in the same place, also an individual perforation that indicates that the front camera will be simple. And also the same indication that we will have a flat panel, by the way.

On the back, the same arrangement with the same camera module which, in addition, is also triple. Resolutions and so on will change, but aesthetically they look like the same phone. In the S21 + or S21 Plus we will have, however, a new color. The white and pink model disappear and a new model appears in light gray with the camera module in silver color.

This is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Finally we come to the last of the models and here you can see a great jump, although only in the back. The front is apparently identical, although images do not make it clear whether the screen will remain flat or curved. Yes you can see that the front camera will continue to operate alone, except for last minute surprises.

Five cameras and an apparently flat screen but that cannot be confirmed yet by the leaked images

As for the camera module, here we go directly from the three cameras of its younger brothers to nothing more and nothing less than five sensors, with the LED flash embedded between the two cameras on the right. Thus, we will have a first column of three large lenses on the left and two smaller lenses located in the column on the right. Five cameras for the giant of the next Galaxy S21, the Ultra model.

As for colors, it seems that in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G we will have only two options, keeping colors that we have seen in previous models. We will have the model black with black camera module that is in all three phones and also one model Gray with silver module, the addition that we already saw in the Galaxy S21 +.

Via | Evan Blass 1, 2 and 3