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FYI and 14 other expressions that make us hate email

21 mayo, 2021

Emails (and later instant messages) have caused the birth of many expressions that said out loud mean one thing … but that written in a message can be something very different. Especially in work emails, when the good atmosphere must prevail for the good of all.

Because it is not the same to say “I wait your answer“in a one-off email between a person you just met professionally who find you the same in an email that your direct superior has written you. Little by little, these expressions and the way we take them make us lose our sanity. Let’s look at some examples.

Cancer expressions in work emails

  • FYI: is the acronym for For Your Information, “for your information”. If you see it in an email in which a colleague refutes an argument, be clear: that someone has an ego through the roof. And if that FYI comes only with a forward in which there is a pending task, congratulations because someone has passed you a brown.
  • “Call me”: an email with this word, simply. Why don’t you call? Or why don’t you give me some more information about what you want to tell me by mail?
  • “(No subject)”: If you are so shabby that you do not put the subject in the emails, few people will invest the time you ask to attend you and respond.
  • “Your email address is in our database”: my email address should not appear in any of your databases, because I have not registered. If you want to promote a product, start with ethics and don’t look for emails from journalists and bloggers to subscribe without permission. Thanks!
  • “Dear user”Come on man, show some affection and personalize the mail a bit. I can think of thousands of “generic” answers to tell you that you would not like a hair.
  • “I’m out of the office, for anything, talk to this other person”: That other person is going to be so overwhelmed with emails with tasks that they are not used to that they will not respond.
  • “Sorry, I had not received your mail“: polite way of saying” excuse me, I have passed your e-mail until it has become too urgent to ignore it. “
  • “Sent from my SuperJulandryPhone”: the jokes that only make you funny or a closed circle of friends you better save them in corporate emails, thank you.
  • “I would pull more towards this other approach”: what you have done makes me rather disgusting, but I do not want you to be offended.
  • “SUBJECT WRITTEN IN CAPITAL LETTERS”. With the word URGENT in each one of them. Sent in five identical emails. Accompanied by five missed calls on a Saturday night at nine o’clock and 17 messages on WhatsApp. You know what? I’m going to ignore you.
  • Dear “Miugel”: when someone misspells your name in a first email, understand what can happen. If it’s your boss from years ago, stand up. Defend your ID.
  • “Ok” in response to a thirteen paragraph email: Really? More than an hour writing an email trying to convey my opinion as well as I could and you reply with a simple “Ok”?
  • “Automatic reply: I’m on vacation, I’ll reply in two weeks”Congratulations, you’ve just earned the hatred of the entire company.
  • “What do you know about this … can you configure this application for me? In the IT department they are very busy”. What do you know about this … can you respect my work and my time? The IT department will be happy to help you when they have time. To the queue.
  • “This better pass it to this other department, I’ll leave your mail”. It would have cost you less to do a FWD to that email from the other department than not to write this email to me.

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