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Generate and send PDF files with PDF Online

26 mayo, 2021

PDFOnline is another web system through which we can convert txt, doc, PNG, GIF, JPG, TIFF, PPS, PPT, HTML, XLS, RTF, EMP, BMP and WMF files to pdf files in just four steps. We upload the file whose weight is up to 2 MB, we specify its name, in step 3 we can choose some options if we want to add security, watermarks as well as the image resolution and the quality of the JPG images and the fourth we will specify the address email to send.

As simple as that, to send us or anyone else, as long as your mailbox is not full, as indicated in the warnings on the web. In addition, we have the possibility of buying their easyPDF Printer Driver program for about 10 dollars, which will act as a virtual printer that will convert the documents to be printed into pdf documents.

Link | PDFOnline