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Get started in the world of ethical hacking with this free 15-hour course for beginners

23 mayo, 2021

At Genbeta we are always looking for the best options the Internet offers to learn something new and share them with you. This time we have met a interesting course offered by the freeCodeCamp platform from its YouTube channel.

It is a 15-hour course on _penetration testing_ aimed at beginners who want to start in the world of ethical hacking. In it you will learn all the practical skills to work in that field.

However, although it is intended for beginners, the course is very in-depth, they will teach you to develop an Active Directory in Windows, to make it vulnerable, to hack it and to patch it.

Complete ethical hacking course

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The course is divided into 11 parts, the topics to be covered include from Linux, to Python, going through all kinds of scanning tools and exploitation tactics, to a final on how to write reports and tips for your career.

For the tasks that you will be given during the course, you have a repository available on GitHub that also contains the complete study plan with all the organized and well-described lessons.

Needless to say all material is completely in English. This course was initially taught on Twitch by The Cyber ​​Mentor who also has the material hosted on his personal website. In addition, several course participants and other members of their community have a channel on Discord where they share information and to which you can go if you have questions.